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Friday, 22 July 2016

Other People's Kids

I shouldn't go over to Unca Bob's Treehouse. A couple days back I was over there and a food fight broke out and I got pelted with rotten fruit and feces by the shrieking gibbons and laughing hyenas! I'm still mad about it!!! Bob and his minions are IDIOTS!!!

Except, of course - when they are exceedingly brilliant.

Yannow I never really turned my formidable intellect and powers of observation and deduction on this. Bob is bang on the money with this: The press and mainstream media doted on Chelsea Clinton. They were absolutely furious and outraged when Dubya's 12 year old daughter had the unmitigated gall to stick her tongue out at them! I can barely imagine their chagrin!

But...what about Obama's kids? They've been silent as church mice about them.

As a bullshit artist err...technical sales guy, I know that you have to often pay greater attention to what the customer ISN'T saying when your are sizing him up or sparring in a negotiation. Given the idiots those poor kids have for parents... I suspect Bob and his minions are entirely too correct.


  1. Are you sure it wasn't Obama's kids that were throwing the rotten fruit and feces?

  2. HAR HAR HAR! Awesome!

    I have sternly lectured Bob on doing something about all the riff raff and scum that hang out at his blog so it is entirely possible! ;)