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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Saturday Afternoon Garbage Picking

Ahhhhhhhhh.... that's the smell of opportunity, folks!

Today I'm here at the Coopville Landfill sifting through the refuse and garbage and looking for treasure! Go for the wide brim hats, everyone! Unlike us, those chit hawks aren't here for fun.

Pickins' are slim today - but - wait! Is that what I think it is? Aye! It's a pizza box! Awsome! So what, you knuckle dragging dullards are asking. 'Whaddya gonna do with a friggin pizza box, Filthie?' you ask.

I am going to make a flying machine of unimaginable destructive power.

Hmmm...looks like BW threw out some dented up gutter pipe! Why, if I can find a long enough section that isn't bent or dinged...I will have my own fighter plane!

The old farts down at the RC airfield were dog fighting these today - and what a blast. About 12 of these garbage-can fighter planes were in the air at once and the fighting was as mean and vicious as the Battle of Britain! The birds have a length of toilet paper flying behind them and the object of the game is to cut it with your prop. I've never seen old farts having so much fun in my life.

They're made out of junk so when ya pile them in you simple scavenge the engine and electronics - and put them into the next Frankenplane you build!

Garbage can bush pilot!
Fun is where you find it.

As my hero and role model, Red Green says: Ya can't stay young, butchya can always stay immature.

Keep yer stick on the ice.


  1. Just for you from the Coopville dump:

    No thanks are necessary....

    1. Thanks for stopping by, CM. Hope Charlie and the gang don't mind me poking fun at them from time to time...

    2. I try never to miss a day of your antics. Us Joisey gals are a tough breed - we can take a lot of poking fun at and give right back to 'ya! :o)

  2. Red Green "If they can't find you handsome let them find you handy."

    1. Ever see Red and Harold make a wind surfer out of a patio table? Or their Swiss Army Shovel?

      Those men are inspirational! Thanks for coming by Sven!