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Friday, 1 July 2016

Saturday Morning Cartoons & Radio Show

When I was going to school back in the early 90's as a 'mature student' ( I was 28) I was not an especially bright pupil and any grades I got were through blood, sweat and tears. I was always swamped with assignments, lab write-ups and cramming for endless tests. For regular kids college was keg parties and skirt-chasing but for me it was a non-stop pressure cooker. Back then The Champ was a favourite radio celebrity. Whenever he came on I would stop, decompress and just veg out as he detailed his misadvengures. His voice is 100 octaves below gravel, and he always ends up beating the chit out of everyone from the friendly neighbourhood dentist to Knuckles Muldoon. The only fight he ever lost was when Mrs. Champ had to take a round out of him for some reason. Here he is in animated form - and still, as always - in fighting trim. Good to meet you again, Champ!

Fly fishin' with The Champ. Everybody loves The Champ...
or else.

Rockin' The Reservation on Broket 99

Up here in Canada it isn't proper to say it but most of us regard reservation Indians with some misginvings and with others, like myself - utter contempt. They get free food, free housing, free medical, free education, and every imaginable head start you can give someone - and all the fuckers do is drink, fight, fornicate and blame all their problems on Whitey. I used to call them red niggers but that was an insult to blacks so now we call them 'chugs'. Joe Cat Face was a fictional native DJ who worked at Brocket 99 and his whole schtick revolved around doing that. He was an instant underground hit with his slurring and belching and farting and endless rants about Whitey.

The first pilot concept cartoon for the now passe Beavis & Butt Head

Beavis and Butt Head were among the first pioneers of adult cartoons that often combined dark humour and bad taste. When they made their debut on MTV parents were livid! "They set a terrible role model for children!!!" they shrieked! An urban myth arose that Beavis set a cat on fire in one of the episodes and that MTV had to pull it. The producers started getting death threats and the creator - Mike Judge - was hauled out on some idiot talk show where the talking head tried to rip him a new one. I will always remember that exchange, back in the early 90's:

Talking Head: "Mike, aren't you worried that all these horrible things Beavis and Butt Head do - will encourage copy-cat behaviour in our young people? Is theirs a message that you really want to send to young people?"

Mike Judge: "You miss the entire reason for Beavis and Butt Head, buddy! Their message isn't for the kids - it's for their parents and for guys like you - and you're not getting it. The message you should be getting from Beavis and Butt Head is that if you don't pull your heads out of your asses and wake up - Beavis and Butthead will be the children you've raised..."

20 years later, we have the Millenials with their man-buns, their 26 genders, their awful work ethics and their safe places. Beavis and Butthead...indeed.

Enjoy your weekend folks! And, as always - thanks for stopping by to play with us!

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  1. I think 'The Champ' is patterned after Dick the Bruiser, a professional wrestler and sometime radio personality out of Detroit.