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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Second Thoughts On Hilary's Exoneration ...

My parents were career snivel servants. I have done time working for diseased corporations with murderous office politics. One thing you notice early in an environment like that is that when the big power players start trading shots, a lot of the little guys get taken out by the shrapnel. Almost all of us have been in that boat or know somebody that has - out of a job because of an internal dog fight they had no interest or part in, often inspired by petty jealousies of the execs who didn't care who they had to kill just to tweak the nose of their enemies.

Consider: you're a lifelong career gov't slob who only wanted to do his job, put in his 8 hours and collect his pay cheque. You have a fat cushy pension waiting for you when you retire. And - its your decision on whether to pull the trigger on one of America's most powerful, slimiest women. She's backed by a machine that has killed people in cold blood and gotten away with it. Personally, she can buy or sell you, your family, all your friends at work...out of pocket change.

Indict her - and you are in her gun sights as a sitting duck. The other guys will see you the same way: if you are clean and honest and can't be bought... they can't use you and you may prove to be a liability to them too. Pull the trigger on Hill - and you may as well put the gun to your own head too. In his statement, the big FBI kahuna basically said Hillary was guilty as sin but the dept. decided not to move against her.

That is Bureaucratese for 'She's guilty, but she's too well connected for me to take on.' They've passed the gun to the voters. They have to decide if they want a gov't that works like that and they have to think long and hard on it. If they do - the other guys they don't like will play by those rules too.

As an adult I live in the real world. I know the score too: money talks and bullshit walks. There is no justice, morals and principles are relative and nobody's perfect. Self interest/preservation trumps morals and ethics. That doesn't mean we shouldn't at least try. I think that bum at the FBI tried. At the end of the day you have to do what's best for you and your family. Any of us would do exactly the same.

The problem here isn't the FBI. They answer to the gov't - hell, they ARE the gov't. But they gave the American voter the evidence, they've passed them the gun. They've essentially asked Americans to do the right thing in the next election.

Will they have the courage and smarts to do it?

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