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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Suffer The Garbage Man

Oh sure, everyone thinks the Garbage Man has the perfect job - heavy machinery, fresh air, the glamourous social life, and the odd treasures that the foolhardy throw away...

I can't help but feel somehow responsible
for this poor man...

I dunno what it is. Sometimes I will go for MONTHS without emptying the garbage can in the chitter or the shop downstairs. I pack that thing and pack it and soon the rubbish gets so packed and compressed that its density approaches that of a collapsed neutron star or dark matter - substances so dense that one pound of it weighs a million pounds! So of course, when ya go to empty it ya need at least three garbage bags (the garbage will explosively decompress once it's free of the container) and even then you'll have a hell of a mess to contend with! Or it won't come out at all and ya need a crow bar and a six foot snipe to pry it out!


  1. Or someone leaves the can outside with the lid off while it rains all day and all night, and about 100 pounds of water collects in the can. But, since it's the neighbor's can, you aren't really responsible for it, and the Sanitation Workers Union clearly states that no sanitation worker shall be made to lift and/or carry an object weighing in excess of forty pounds, but now the neighbor's can weighs about 150 or better, well... you can see how a situation might develop.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog, by the way. Just thought I'd throw that in.

    1. Well, that's mighty kind of you to say so WL. You're always welcome any time - and thanks for stopping by.