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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sunday Philharmonic Pops

It has been my intent from the beginning that this be a cultured and artful blog that caters to the elite intellect of society's upper crust. So it is that we take music and art VERY seriously around here and twice as much on Sundays! I am currently recruiting for a symphonic team and have had some very serious applicants hoping to hitch their careers to mine and get a head start. I want my readers (you two know who you are) to see and comment on my shortlisted applicants so far. I really like Number Four for the wind section.

Okay, I'm sorry, alright! But sheesh, ya gotta give Number 4 credit - he sure put a lot of effort into it and had better be careful not to put TOO much effort into his art! HAR HAR HAR!

One is tempted to dismiss those artists as mere performance comedians but I have to wonder. At what point do 'serious' musical instruments become a joke? I really liked the sound out of that kid playing the PVC Pipe-O-phone. Compared to some of these more exotic 'serious' instruments - the line separating silliness and seriousness is seriously blurred.

Have a great Sunday y'all - and thanks again for stopping by.


  1. I should have know better than to click on the first video..... sigh...

    1. No refunds!!!

      When I was a kid I went into this bistro in Bragg Creek (a yuppie tourist town in the southern Alberta foothills). I had put in a long, long shift and was one of six people there when the chef in the back flipped out and started playing his pots and pans. There is no doubt in my mind that cook was every bit as much a musician as any member of the most prestigious bands.

      When he finished his culinary solo he and the waiter up front started swapping one liners and jokes reminiscent of Lou Abbot and Bud Costello. They weren't bad.

      I remember leaving a $10.00 tip which was huge money for me in those days.

  2. Bed frame guy and pvc pipe guy need to start a band.