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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sunday Scribble: The Thin Blue Line

PP has a better than average post up about our crumbling law enforcement. It's happening up here in Canada too. It used to be our RCMP were big, strapping white 'Duddley Dooright' types that were almost as much trouble as the average citizen. They went to the BBQ's and Bonspiels and ate and drank too much. They coached minor hockey and baseball and cursed out the refs and umps too much, and they had family problems and issues just like the rest of us too. I cringe when Americans open up on law enforcement - but as usual PP does pretty good.

Full disclosure: I stand by the cops all the way. I grew up shooting and fishing with them and as I said, those guys were all over minor hockey and baseball. When us kids were on the ice playing for trophies, our coaches were still law officers extending their friendly inter-detachment rivalries on to the ice with us. I am not a cop - but I know what these guys face and how it takes a toll on them.

We need to understand something right up front. It's not a case of law enforcement letting us down - it's US letting THEM down - all the way. Militarization of the police? You bet they asked for it and rightfully so! Officer Friendly and his .38 revolver can handle limited engagements. They can't handle a fortified crack house filled with felons with assault rifles and full auto machine guns. It's a no-brainer, John Q. Citizen: if you want cops to protect you from stuff like that, they need the tools to do it. End of story.

As far as the political correctness goes - the rank and file cops specifically DID NOT ask for that. When he objected he was called a racist, a sexist, etc ad nauseum by his superiors - all of whom were politically appointed social justice warriors. If he persisted in thinking a 105 pound oriental woman would not make as good a cop as a 220 lb. white man - he faced disciplinary action. The good cops quit and got fired or retired early when that shit started getting rammed down their throats... but John Q. Public sniffed in derision or shrugged, and said 'Good riddance!'

An old rag head and a serious looking femcnut.
How do you think they'll do in a bar fight against a
room full of pissed up rig pigs?
Screw you, you canary legged poseurs!

I am a law abiding man and if you think I would take attitude from either of those two ass hats - you have another thing coming. How in bloody hell am I supposed to take crap like that seriously - never mind a hardened criminal? Well folks - if you want third world law enforcement, your best vibrants are on the job. If you would rather see feminism than law enforcement, that chick is your woman. Or xhe might be something else that resembles a woman I suppose. Point is - the cops did not choose this. We forced it on them - and now some of us are mad because it came back around to bite us on the ass. Truth is, even with those two red coated morons - our law enforcement is light years BETTER than we deserve.

Another mistake PP seems to make is that the cops are ready to lay the beat-down on his arse for defending himself... and not the feral negro that thinks PP has too much money and has to share. All that is true - but WE the people make the laws and WE the people enforce them in the court. The cops follow our laws. That one is on us too. But our biggest sin against law enforcement is hardly ever talked about. Our liberal social engineers are running one failed leftist social experiment after another. As those experiments boil over and explode, the result is human shrapnel and failing civilization.

One day after stinking out the trap and skeet range I noticed the cars of a few of my friends up at the club house and figured I would stop in and say hello on the way out. They were all cops for the most part and since I like cops I was always welcome in their bullshit sessions. I booted in the door and stomped in ready for the usual jeers and insults and was gobsmacked by the silence.


Something was seriously wrong - Chris was in tears. Good lord, I have been in a pickle or two over the years but I NEVER saw a man so forlorn, so utterly broken as he was. His face was wet, he had snot running down and bubbling on his face and was sobbing in the big, gasping gulps of a man that had gone to pieces.

"FFS! Chris, what's going on here?" I demanded. Todd was out of his chair like a pistol shot! Next thing I know, I got Todd on one side, Scott on the other - and I am getting frog marched out the door! They let me go outside and I was hopping mad. "What in hell is that? " I railed, "And what's with Chris?"

"Go back inside, Todd, I got this." Scott was a senior detective with the city cops and pretty much the leader of their gang at the rod n' gun club. It turned out that they had found Punky Gustafson the night before. The entire city was worried sick about her, she was a five year old girl that disappeared on her way home from school a couple days previous. Chris was a first year rookie cop and first on the scene where Punky's body was found. She had been raped and murdered.

"Not a word, Filthie! The family knows but the thing is still under wraps. And for the love of God, stay away from Chris. We're not sure he's cut out to be a cop yet, and by gawd I think I may not be either these days....".

Stuff like that is cop life. They are out scraping your kids off the guard rails when they get cut on drugs and crash their cars, they get to knock on your door at 2:00 am and ask you to come down and bail your kid out...or ID them at the morgue. They have to treat scum of the earth that deserve to die screaming - like royalty. They have to defend the courts and the judiciary when sleazy lawyers like Hillary Clinton mock 12 year old rape victims and accuse them of "having a thing for older men...". They get no benefit of the doubt. The perp gets every benefit of the doubt. They hurt themselves and place themselves in great jeopardy to get scum off the street - and the judiciary does it's level best to put them right back out there... where the cops have to deal with it again. Usually the liberal infested judiciary succeeds. The populace blames them when repeat offenders do what they do. 8 hours a day, they do that. Domestic disputes. Road rage. Assault, battery, murder. Institutionalized injustice.

Every day.

Folks - if you want to make a good man into a rage filled psychotic murderer... I can't think of a much better way to do it. How many Punky Gustofson murders do you have in you? How many beatings can you take from some feral black baboon who's life matters, and yours doesn't? At what point do you check out and stop caring? At what point does your soul and conscience rebel and push you into rogue territory? At what point do you decide it is more important to be a man of good conscience rather than a cop? Jobs that force us to separate our conscience from our character can only hurt us. There is far more to this than most people realize.

Your cops are all that stand between you and that human shrapnel. De-militarizing the cops will not make them better officers. Forcing them to accept low skill/low IQ vibrant and diverse officers will not improve their effectiveness. Bitching about them won't either.

We're not even having the right discussion! The discussion is 'Cops are all assholes' and 'Cops have no credibility'. Fine. How do we change that?

THAT is the discussion we need to have. And, that is exactly the discussion the liberals don't want. Their idea of a discussion is one where they lecture and we sit quietly and respectfully listen. That is exactly what has gotten us here... and we need to change that too.


  1. AsI said it is a two way street.Cops need the law abiding to support them as much as they claim we need them to protect us.

    As for we the people voting to remove our self protection rights that does not fly. The individual cops have much leeway in how they interpret many of those laws that were not voted on but ruled into being by activist judges. They then follow along and even go against the Constitution knowing the prosecutors and such will see it the way they are going to.

    Lastly the good cops that resigned are not cops today. The ones who stayed are the ones who were OK with how it was going and therefore they are a problem.

    1. You are one of the few guys that understands that street runs both ways.

      Yannow where ya see most of the worst cops, PP? Liberal bastions. Chicago. California. New York. Up here in Canda it's Tranna, Mon Trail and Hongcouver. Those citizens are not being victimized, they are idiots that WANT to throw away their 2nd Amendment, their civil rights... and they WANT the nanny state and activist judges and they actively vote for the morons that will give them all that. Some American police chiefs and US senators have told Obama point blank - if you invoke gun control, you will need to send YOUR officers here to enforce it... and if you do, we will capture them, disarm them and imprison them! (Gawd, I love Americans!) You have some damned GOOD officers and don't realize it.

      There are still good cops around today. Today at the rifle range I harass the kids on the ERT teams (our version of your SWAT teams). They're good kids, but they drive me nuts. They can't shoot. They QUALIFY... and after I'm done ranting at them they smile politely, pat me on the head, and give me all their once-fired .308 brass to shut me up. And god damn my soul - I take the brass and STFU. I am as much the problem as anyone else I suppose.

      At the end of the day, PP, those guys, the judges and their bosses answer to us. Every year we elect them to do what they're doing. Nobody is going to fix this for us. If men like us don't step up and do something how can we expect them to?

      It is a pickle - I'm not going to pick up my rifle and start shooting cops or politicos or gubbermint slobs...but short of that, what else will work? That is the discussion we need to have.

    2. And yannow too... that is why they don't respect us. How can they, when we sit idly by and do nothing about it and blame them for all the problems we've caused ourselves?

    3. I still disagree. I don't know much about Canada but voting alone does little here to effect the judiciary. Many times especially lately the judiciary has re-interpreted laws to their activist thinking. IN other cases the LEO's themselves have expanded on traditional interpretations for their own means. Add to this the fact that mass immigration has already sealed the fate for voting and you have a situation that cannot be rectified by democratic means because it was in fact the democracy that allowed it. The US was not set up for a democracy it was set up as a Republic so voting alone is NOT suppose to change basic rights.

      I am not planning on shooting any cops myself but we must also remember cops have changed. Along with the immigrants we are getting their form of law enforcement as well. You cannot have this diversity AND traditional European LEOs so eventually either the LEO's rebel against what is going down or we may have to start shooting.

  2. Have a very close family member who has been a LEO for over 25 years. Going to retire soon because this stupid PC nonsense of quota hiring the unqualified has put all of them in danger.

  3. I largely agree with you. You are right when you say that it is hard to respect them with all the PC nonsense.