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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Looming Financial Meltdown

Don't mind me -I am just foaming at the mouth in rage again

As everyone knows the petro-economy is in the toilet right now. So it goes for my province of Alberta in Canada. Federally our liberals are in power and they are doing exactly what you would expect liberals to do: spend like drunken sailors, tax like medieval robber barons, and obsess over queers, minorities and other divisive social issues. On the provincial level, my province is being run by the fuggin NDP - officially they're called the New Democrat Party but that's just a polite way of calling them scum sucking commie bastards. The party is made up of public school teachers, cocktail waitresses and sexually disturbed miscreants that want Alberta to be an ecological haven where retired snivel servants can spend their gold plated retirements fly fishing, and the roof top bee keepers and metrosexual cyclists can frolic on the taxpayer's dime. Anyone else will either work for the gov't or be on welfare.

Shit. Say it, don't spray it, Filthie! My computer screen is covered in gob and spittle - and I'm ranting again! Sorry everyone!

In any event the writing is on the wall. Stupid people want eeeeeeevil rich people to pay their way. Since the real rich people run the politicos and are untouchable here as they are in the states - it looks like the middle and upper - middle class are gonna take it in the hooper for all this socialist progression. And - like socialists everywhere, they are quietly setting up the legal machinery so that they can raid your bank account a la Cypress. I'm sorry, I don't want a financial haircut and I know where these guys are taking us. The 1930's beckon.

Anyhoo... I've just started buying metals for insurance purposes. I don't have nearly enough for a catastrophic currency melt down...but who knows in a few years? At the rate our politicians are going we will be down to bartering if they have their way. Those idiots think money grows on trees.

That's a five ounce ingot, a one ounce round and a copper coin.
What is it? A Sistercian? A denarius? A Rusbucknik?

Is copper even worth anything these days? My wife is a recent Christian convert and I guess she just saw these and had to have them. If we do face a global currency meltdown...I dunno if these things are part of the prepping or not.

She will be happy with them I suppose.


  1. Why sure copper will be worth keeping. Would be hard to make change for the silver and gold otherwise :)

    1. I am new at this prepping thing PP. Not trying to be a smart ass or anything...but the only way I can see copper being worth anything is if we dispense with the fiat currency...right?

      Who is the prepper guru on precious metals, in your opinion?

  2. Just like any other currency, you can't eat it. That being said, there's always something you will have either forgotten to prep for, or the reason for prepping will come on you before you have everything in place. Barter only goes so far, as eventually, you will need to trade for something, and won't have what the person holding that something needs. Humanity ha always needed a means of exchange, whether it was gold, silver, or wampum. It NEVER hurts to have some precious metals on board. As for "making change;" This has always been an issue when dealing with precious metals. A gold coin of a certain weight would be worth WAY more than the item being purchased. Making matters worse, that gold coin might be from Spain, England, or wherever. So, the item being purchased was given a value; a certain weight in gold or silver. Given that the gold coin was too heavy, humans took the next step; they cut the coin into pieces, like a pizza. Typically, the coin was cut into eight pieces; hence the ubiquitous "pieces of eight" mentioned in all of those pirate movies and books. A person would typically either pay with one or more pieces of eight, or would get pieces of eight as "change" for their whole gold or silver coin.

    Have some precious metals in the larder. The making of change; we'll figure that out later...