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Sunday, 31 July 2016

There Is Seriously Something Wrong...

... at Unca Bob's Treehouse! It's one of the reasons I like to hang out there! I'm strongly tempted to start throwing feces and shrieking with the rest of the blue arsed baboons but in a scrum like he has going on over there...who do ya aim at? HAR HAR HAR!!!! Holy Mackeral - there's more dung in the air there than there was at the DNC convention awhile back! (Try not to get any on ya if you go over there; for's way too late! I yam covered in it!)

Sitting here, spattered with the dung of every known primate ever to surf the internet, I have the entire works of every modern and ancient philosopher, zealot, leader and shyster at my finger tips. About the only truth I have been able to discern is that all ideologies break down at some point and stop working. Capitalism rewards and encourages greed. Socialism encourages sloth and kills initiative. Libertarianism extolls personal freedom but neglects personal responsibility. Liberal progressivism isn't right about anything. My personal take on ideologies and the men that fall for them is that humans like order and will try to impose it even where none exists. So it is that I pick and choose from the supermarket of ideas and take what works for me.

Others are doing the same and the guy that wrote that dreck for Unca Bob... I suspect he is shopping in the 'organic' section where everything is grown in pig shit. One of the redeeming facets of Unca Bob is that when he hits 'em - they go right out of the park! And the boys in the comments are hitting a few homers too.

There is merit in the Manosphere just as there is in Christianity. If you boil them both down and distill the best of them they compliment each other very well. Take care of yourself. Take care of others. Stay positive. Be honest. Be virtuous. Be independent. Be prepared You have to put something into life to get something out. Etc etc. The point of these philosophies is to enable and encourage these things but folks get hung up on pushing the ideology rather than their objectives - and that's where the whole shooting match goes off the rails.

I'm not perfect, but my lowest, most unhappy times in life coincided with times when I was untrue and unvirtuous with myself and others. I'm no saint now either...but on occasion I try. I live in the real world like so many others. I've done things that cannot be forgiven, and have had things done to me that can't be forgiven either. None of it was fair or just - but life is not fair and just. You deal with it and get over it. Some things are harder than others

I suppose the point of all this is that sometimes - you're on your own and the ideologies go out the window. If you throw them out and proceed in those situations as a fair and honest man - my personal feeling is that you'll be way better off than that scholar who is trying to mix the Manosphere with Christianity. I strongly suspect that one is going to be an exothermic reaction with a result nobody is going to like.

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