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Friday, 8 July 2016

There's No Nice Way To Say It

America has a nigger problem.

These are not law abiding, hard working blacks doing this - it's feral low IQ/low skill negroes that want a full blown race war with Whitey - and they're too damned stupid to do the math. Stupid people only learn one way - the hard way.

Five good cops are down, America's finest, killed by America's worst. I better shut up now or I'll say something that will really get me in trouble - so we'll stay away from politics and discuss practicalities: the cops are now under attack. The politicos won't support them or stand with them when they do their jobs. The black baboon and his sasquatch of a wife in the Whitehouse hate cops and white people too. Cops get crucified by the judiciary just for doing their jobs. The writing is on the wall - at some point our law enforcement is going to tell America to take this job and shove it - and then America's scum of the earth will run amok. Crime will soar - for awhile, at least.

In the absence of the police the only rights you have are those you can enforce by physical means. Buy a gun. Stockpile ammo. It doesn't matter if you just lost your job and are unemployed, or are saving for a family vacation, or a down payment on a house. Get a gun, get one for you, your wife and any responsible children you may have. When law enforcement folds, you will be on your own. So will they.

Things are going to get worse before they get better.


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    1. Aye, I hate to say it but it is. Guns are supposed to be for fun and entertainment for the private citizen but these days they are going to be a survival tool.