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Thursday, 28 July 2016

When We Were Kings (And Queens)

This is one of those vintage tin plate signs they sell for home décor now and then. This one just strummed my heart strings the right way. I remember my wife snuggled into my back, just happy to be there and me oblivious as hell. She even had shoes like that. She would hug me the same way and still does on occasion. I'm one of those dim bulbs that has the world by the tail and forgets it all the time.

Of course, back then we rode a used Honda 360T and wore jean jackets but we thought we were just as cool as these two. Last year me and the dogs went over to the big Show and Shine they have at the end of every summer and someone had restored a 360T and it was an official antique!

Gawd, I am ready for my vacation...