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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Back Home Now

That red cheap collapsible duffel thing is close to 30
light years old...

The first time my wife pulled that red bag out, was when we did a motorcycle trip to Banff on my used  Honda 1982 CX500. We had no money for slick saddle bags and luggage so we made do with that. It never failed either - I would be using bungees to strap my stuff down and one would always slip and snap me in the face! She bought it on sale at some thrift store and it's been with us ever since. We rode in the breakdown lane all the way and back again because the bike could barely make highway speeds with both of us and our luggage on it. It was the stuff of high adventure for us at a time when we "didn't have a pot to piss in."

This time we took the heavy cruiser the long way out to Jasper and then rode the Icefields Parkway and jumped off at the David Thompson highway. It's a hell of a ride - a section of the earth where tectonics and glaciers combined in titanic show of ecological flub-dubbery to create the most spectacular scenery on earth. I'll post a few pics over the next couple days if anyone's interested. For now, the wife has a horrid cold and cough, and I'm beat.

Our space helmets. The wife loves hers but I hate mine.
I like my beanie-style helmet much more.


  1. Your wife sounds like a great person. I hope you had a great trip.

    1. She's wonderful BW. I had a great trip. She had an awful one but kept her chin up trying not to spoil it for me. Sometimes it tears me up - she's upstairs coughing up a lung and I had to hold a gun at her head to go see a doctor. I think she may have bronchitis or pneumonia the way she's hacking...the cold and the rain up in the mountains couldn't have been good for her...