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Saturday, 13 August 2016

I'm Not Worried One Iota

We like to keep up with appearances here at the Thunderbox in order to maintain our reputation for refined taste and sensibilities. Since you are judged by the company you keep I often find myself in the company of exceptional men like Stackz O. Mags, Uncle Bob and even a distinguished author - like WL!

Seems he has some piffling security issues with locks. For liberals and stupid people this would be a very big deal that would fill them with PSHS -  or Pant Shitting Hysteria Syndrome as real men prefer to refer to it. I took the opportunity to crap in the comments and harass the distinguished author about his choice of armament - but all that is, is the stuff of rude jokes. Any criminal faced with a man holding a .357 revolver on him has two choices: surrender, or prepare for a trip to the hospital...or the morgue. A solid hit in the boiler room with a respectable .357 Mangnum load is almost certain trip to the morgue. There's any number of other handgun calibres that will do it too - provided you can put the metal on the meat!

There's a lot of turd polishing that goes on about guns and ammo for home defense and 95% of it is utter bullshit. Unless you are extremely disciplined and motivated (think Navy SEAL or pisslamic terrorist) - a hit to the chest is the end of your day. A villain under the influence of really nasty drugs might be able to keep going after a solid hit. Everyone else - is either going down or turning tail and running. Use a reasonable calibre in a gun that works for you - but the big thing is to HAVE A GUN.

You don't need machine guns, grenade launchers or high capacity magazines to defend yourself from Obama's Children That He Never Had. (But you WILL need those guns to defend you from The Buckwheat Administration that fully intends to dispense with your rights and liberties. The Three Percenters and NRA types are not paranoid: there are those in gov't that would be more than willing to put you in chains and would if they could get away with it).

I would like to make a bigoted, snotty comment about how all REAL men have guns - but these days, home security is becoming an issue for our ladies as well. Just as the cops can't defend them 24/7/365... neither can us fellas. It's getting to be that our women need to be able to defend themselves and the kids, it's just as simple as that. Hell, Obama's chillun are shooting at cops now - they have their own problems with self defense - never mind us.

Around here the lives of vicious black criminals are of little to no concern.
Just sayin'. Black people are always welcome round here...
but niggers will wanna keep their hands where I can see 'em.

Perhaps the distinguished author should hand that .357 over to the Missus - and arm himself with a more manly revolver in .45 Long Colt - the calibre of God, the saints...and Glen Filthie!

Mild, patty-cake .45ACP loads for paper work, and stoked
hot .45 Long Colt loads for social work!
This little Ruger is my revolver but if it doesn't work for you - find one
that does and we'll see ya on the range.
Be mindful of the paper work... shooting for fun and recreation
is going to be 99% of what you do, God willing.


  1. Yeah 45 LC is OK I guess, smallest load my 460XVR will shoot. I prefer the S&W 460 magnum... Even if you miss the shockwave should take them down....

  2. Yeah 45 LC is OK I guess, smallest load my 460XVR will shoot. I prefer the S&W 460 magnum... Even if you miss the shockwave should take them down....