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Monday, 8 August 2016


I hate and loathe the Clintons the same way any honest working man should. They're liars, thieves and cheats - and very possibly murderers as well. As an intelligent man, aware of his limitations and (numerous) character flaws - sometimes it's a real struggle for me to maintain an objective frame of mind. When the Monica Lewinsky affair blew up at first I naively rejected the whole thing as a cheap smear campaign. In my own defense - my thought process: what kind of man would risk his career, his reputation, and his marriage - for a quick gummer from an obviously slutty intern half his age? Pull my other fingers guys! And - lo and behold - it turned out that Bill Clinton had the critical thinking skills of 13 year old, and would indeed risk everything for a quick gummer in the Oval Office. I was utterly disgusted by his supporters too - "Ol' Bill is a sly ol' horn dog! Boys'll be boys...!!!!" They actually admired Wilhelm Von Blow Job for 'seducing' the young lady. It didn't even occur to that lot of dummies that were he not president no woman in her right mind would give him a second glance. The man wasn't fit to shine shoes in a whore house - and the quality of Democrat candidates has gone straight to hell ever since.

So it was that I took these reports of Hillary's seizures with a couple grains of salt. But the videos don't lie: I am not a medical man but even I can see that this woman is not well and definitely needs to be looked at. And - the results need to be made public. Given her credibility problems, she needs to take the lead on this on a voluntary basis. If she lets Trump drag her to the vet - she's done like dinner.

Ordinarily I would feel sorry for a woman in this condition. But that rancid ****? She is every bit the douche her cretin of a husband is. It drives me nuts - she's convinced the entire parasite class that she is going to steal from the rich and give the money to them. The retirees and welfare slobs are champing at the bit for this bint - and they don't realize that she IS the evil One Percent, and that she will steal from the working middle class to finance the gold plated pensions of senior snivel servants and free everything for the welfare scum. Those idiots are selling their own kids down the crapper by supporting Hillary. This woman deserves to die in pain and humiliation - there's no nice way to say it. So does her husband. That karmic wheel goes round, and if the Clintons get crushed by it - I will buy a round for the house. It's a horrible thing to wish illness on others like that...but the Clintons are horrible people.

What are these people thinking? In her shoes I would want to be harassing the chit out of the kids and grandkids, puttering in the garden and waddling around the golf course in my final years.

But that's just me.


  1. There are not enough lamp posts along Pennsylvania Avenue for all the traitors in our government to swing from.

    1. Ayup. Same here in Canada but it's our fault - wherever you have money and power you will have villains trying to corrupt it - and we've allowed They The Politicians to insulate themselves from We The People.

      I think every second "journalist" should be dragged out and shot at random as a warning to the others as well...