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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Notes From The Road: Outhouse Philosophers & Defacement Of Property

Back before the invention of the internet and nose jewelry the world was a kinder, gentler place. We were better people too. I was slim and trim and so handsome I could give Uncle Bob a run for his money. Back then when we discussed PP we didn't call it The Small Hold, we called it The Strong Hold. BW was a big shot that drove around in a limo and not a wretched scooter as he does today. Wirecutter was a clean cut straight arrow, before Charlie Goddammit drove him off the deep end. Time has not been kind to any of us.

But once... we were kings.

And, when we had something to say, the best way to reach our subjects was to scribe our proclamations on the out house wall in a form of art I call 'Graffilthie'! My favourite public crapper is out by Whitecourt. It's often filled with the rudest and dirtiest jokes: Hey - didjya hear the one about Darth Vader? He's the only black guy ever to admit he's the father! HAR HAR HAR! Why, what a filthy ignorant joke! That's not funny at all!!!! Das racissss!!!!!!

Today the practice of out house Graffilthie is alive and well, and the works of the old masters are still seen from time to time.

If ya ever see this motorcycle and this lady
parked beside a roadside crapper...a word to
the wise: keep driving!

So it was I stopped in and saw the works of some other scholarly bloggers that passed this way:

That's Wirecutter's work. I would
recognize his bold impressionism anywhere. That
is the best portrait of Charlie Goddammit you
will ever see.

Can't tell who did that one. Whoever it
was - was almost certainly a pervert that is into skanky women (and pansexuals of indeterminate gender), so it could be
Unca Bob, Stackz O. Mags or even BW.

Ahhhh... that out house is an artistic breath of fresh air, if you will! But - the winner on our road trip for public declaration and desecration goes to a strategic sticker strike on Rotten Ronnie:

Yes...yes it is.
(No, I didn't do it - but you would be correct to suspect it!)

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  1. While checking into a motel just South of the Ohio line:
    Clerk: Where did you hear about us?
    Patron: Men's room wall at the last rest stop.