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Friday, 12 August 2016

Re-living My Youth

I live in a bubble of obliviousness and denial. I watch all these old grey-hairs driving around in new Vettes and Camaros and muscle cars - and wonder what they're getting out of it. Then I look at myself and think that maybe I'm projecting a bit: when I was a kid I really wanted things. As I get older I find myself more and more wanting the use the toys I have rather than buying new ones. The fact that I ran out of room for them is beside the point. But the old farts go chugging by in their fire breathing muscle cars and it that does it for them and gives them something  they need there is no harm in it. I would be smarter with my money but - hey, that's just me.

This week in hypocrisy...

That's the 1200cc BMW R Nine T. $20K. It's part of the reborn 'scrambler' bike fad that was first seen about 40 years ago. When I was a kid I really wanted one of the scrambler bikes. People see them outfitted with knobby tires and get the mistaken impression that they are dirt-capable; but that is not the case! They are dirt road capable at best, and can maybe take some of the nicer hard packed trails. I've been in twice to look at it in the show room and even sat on it. Unlike most Beemers these are reasonably priced and I could by that sucker cash on the barrel head. I couldn't believe how light it was - it feels like a trail bike one third it's actual size! It had that close coupled feel of a machine that can turn on a dime - and stop to pick the dime up too! Mind you my usual ride is a 1700cc heavy cruiser so everything feels light once you get used to a machine like that.

Across the show room they had the offices with full length plexi-glass dividers and I saw myself reflected: A fat old guy sitting on a kid's bike. Gawdammitalltohell. That's my fuggin problem: I always take the safe and smart route. We saved our pennies and walked away from things and experiences we could have had and now that we are old enough and established enough to afford them, we're to old to appreciate them the way a kid would. Now I have no choice really...I walked away and saved my money. Again.

Somehow I still seem to feel like I got ripped off, HAR HAR HAR!

I suppose I should feel good that I am still young enough to feel the stirrings of a consumer-whore though. There are other, better ways to hang on to your youth.

Ya can't stay young butchya can always
stay immature...


  1. Oh, well... at least you're not up the creek without a paddle.

    1. Which creek would that be, CM/ ;)

      Don't be so sure!

  2. Me: I'd sure like a motorcycle.
    Mom: No. You'll get spread out all over the road.
    Me: Motorcycles are fun.
    Mom: No, and that's final.

    So no, much as I'd like to buy a bike and go tooling across the US of A, Mom was right. Every time I read about a bike in an accident, the injuries are terrible, and I'm reminded that asphalt never forgets.

    Mom liked guns, though, and taught me to shoot when I was about six years old.

    1. Mom was right of course.

      The flip side of that is the conversation I over heard with my recently widowed uncle. He's 83-ish. Wife is gone. Big house, alone. He's looking at a retirement home where they park the old ladies out front and they are so old and decrepit they just sit there in the sun, in their own little worlds as ours goes by. I've never seen that man actually scared before. There are worse ways to live and die, I suppose.

      Of course far be it for me to disagree with Mom! But between us chickens, there are points of view women in general, and mothers in particular -cannot appreciate.

  3. There are lots of guys that buy bikes and ride them a few times then they sit in the garage for years until they declutter and put them up for sale. I cruise the buy/sell pages and there are lots of great used bikes that are a few years old with hardly any miles on them.

    1. Me too! Problem is I should be the one de-cluttering and selling...not buying!

      How's that scoot running for ya BW?

    2. It is rock solid. Lousy weather is keeping me sidelined.