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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

There Can Be Only One

Oh my goodness.

Ya can't trust Italians. They'll kill ya with kindness and ya might die happy but it doesn't change the fact that if ya hang out with 'em long enough one day yer gonna wake up dead! Their food is to die for as are their red wines. Campofiorin, anyone? (Please, don't drink from the jerry can Uncle Bob!!!) Their women are stunning and fatal if taken incorrectly. And so are their machines... gawd, the machines!!!! Lookit here:

Oh my goodness....

Our friends at Ducati Meccanica are trolling for Filthies now! That's an 800cc smokin' hot scrambler designed from the ground up to appeal to stupid fat old men that have no business even considering such a machine. The Red Alert is blaring in my subconscious - but we'll just do a manual override on that little inconvenience! Look at those mirrors... and the exhaust! The handle bars are slammed and that thing would be sudden death in the cut/thrust/parry/riposte of city traffic.

Hmpffff! Disc brakes front and rear ... but my stratobagging touring bike has that AND ABS brakes too... did I mention the engine? That's not a V twin, that's an L-twin! (Oh for Pete's sake - now the red alerts are going off in my lower spinal column! Goddammitalltohell - silence! Or I'll drown you damned nerve endings in crappy Irish whisky!!!!! There'll be absolutely NO common sense around here tonight from anyone!)

My good friends over at Argyll Motorsports are giving these Italian hotties away for $14K! The wife laid down the law and said I can only have one motorcycle at a time. If only I could shut her up with my crappy Irish whisky, HAR HAR HAR!

I just want everyone to know that if I were a younger man I would damned well go out and buy that sweetheart without a second thought - and would thumb my nose at anyone that had anything to say about it!!!!!

I'm still going down to Argyll at lunch tomorrow. Just to look, I suppose. If nothing else to admire this Italian seductress, and thumb my nose at my own advancing age.

And foolishness...  :)

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