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Sunday, 9 October 2016

A Well Earned Pint And Some Scattered Thinking

Boddington's Pub Ale

Been for a couple long walks with the hoople heads - they gobbled their cookies and now they're upstairs with Mom melting. This snow may stay. I'm trying to uncross my eyes. I've got most of my lesiure time this weekend sunk into the Crapcopter and it's new flight controllers. Good lord, I FINALLY cracked the mystery of the communications protocols to the various microprocessors that make this fuggin thing fly. I've configured the old boards, talked to them through the computer, synced the ESC's and designated the master and the slaves, I've figured out how solid state gyros and accelerometers work, I took a crash course in Pulse Width Modulation and serial transmitters ... and then upgraded my flight controller and everything went out the window! The computer doesn't recognize this device and I am wondering if it is a windows 10 issue or the flight controller. I downloaded and mastered two internet utilities called Betaflight and BLhelisuite but they aren't offering any clues as to why this monster won't wake up.

I need a friggin break! This isn't a hobby any more, it is books, manuals, PDF's and more turd polishing and sausage grinding than I know what to do with! It's time for a beer!

I am not the beer drinker I once was, but when I sink a pint these days I prefer the cream ales. The BEST beer I ever drank was called John Smith's. We drank it by the keg at The Bell And Court until some chinamen took over the pub and stopped bringing it in. Flapz saved the day and found John Smith's at the Stupidstore and we had an alternate supply for awhile ... and then it too dried up. I would kill for a couple cases of it now. If anyone sees it I NEED TO KNOW. I will buy it!!!

This is just Boddingtons with that widget inside to foam it up. It's my third favourite cream ale; I prefer Kilkenny's but the wife couldn't find that during her Thanksgiving supply run. It's Thanksgiving up here in Canada - I think we have ours at different times than you Yanks down south. We're not doing anything special - hope you are though!

Mom and Pop were Snowbirds back in the day and told me horror stories about Black Friday and how the eeeeeeevil Murican's RUINED the ENTIRE holiday season with rabid consumerism and commercialism! I dunno about that, all I know is there's way too many fuggin sanctimonious liberal hippies in Canada that get pretty raunchy and stupid about holidays too.

The wife has made fast friends with many of her friends at the church. That's great but I think it's a coping mechanism to deal with the implosion of our family. She wants me to go to church and all the social holiday functions and get-togethers too... and I just want to stay home, curse and swear at my Crapcopter, the electronics and grump at the dawgs.

And drink beer!

I know the wife is right about this one and I am wrong - maybe she knows something I don't too. I'm gonna try to make it out to a few more of her events. It's infuriating because I still feel sorry for myself and the crap with my family and it is long... LONG past time to give it up and move on. Getting out and meeting people would be an excellent way to do that - and they all are GOOD people worth meeting. Sometimes I just don't want to move on - I just want to stay where I am and remember when times were better. BAH.

For now - the Crapcopter is flatlined, the wife and dogs are upstairs... and I need another beer! I will move on and buck up tomorrow.

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