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Friday, 7 October 2016

Any Computer Geeks Out There?

Us guys got in a big fight at work today.

I say Andrew Dice Clay outclassed Howard Stern as a comic hands down. Big Al abstained, Flapz lined up behind Howard and a scholarly, mature debate ensued.

I went onto a site for Clay's beautiful nursery rhymes and promptly got a message urging me to call a certain number because my computer got virused. I think it's a hoax or a any of you guys take those seriously?


  1. I shut down my computer and restart it. Seems to work.

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  3. I'll give it a go. I've had a couple scam attempts on the email too...

    1. I have to agree with WL Emery, the paid version of Malwarebytes is worth the money. When I run up on a site with that BS I don't worry because I know any actual attempts to deliver malware will get stopped. Comes in handy when searching for uhh.... art films.

  4. Seriously? Have you been drinking?

    Never mind. Yes, it's a serious attempt by an imbecile living in SomeKindaStan who wants to con you out of your credit card, password, and other sensitive data. Don't call the number under any circumstances. Should anyone call you and claim that they work for Micro$oft and your computer is throwing error messages or some such, inform them that you are a programmer/analyst, and they'll hang up. One that called me was kind of nice about it, and we had a conversation about the weather and life in general - he was somewhere in India.

    As for protection, I use AVG (free version), MS Security Essentials (free), Webroot Secure Anywhere (paid version), and Malwarebytes (paid version). I recommend everyone stay away from McAfee, as it doesn't get along well with others.

    You can also switch to the Brave browser, which will disable such attempts before they have a chance to run.