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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Commentary Of The Year


Oh gawd, I'm still LOLLING. Jim is like Uncle Bob: brutally honest about what he thinks and why. And like myself he's prolly WRONG about all of it too!  :) And like all of us the best material shows up in the comments. Behold, as my fellow darkly enlightened semi-neo-reactionary-alt-right colleagues hold forth on the subject of death squads in South America, and drug use in America:

   Uriel Alexis says: 

  1. do you really believe right-wing death squads is a better policy than, you know, just legalizing drugs (and thus profit the hell out of its sales)?
  2. aside of that, I guess the dynamics of slow, then faster, secession from the empire is probably how it goes down. the difference between the Blue Empire and the Soviet Empire is that the Soviets didn’t have a race-driven civil war going on. things will probably be messier in the core of the empire (since State secession has been judged unholy and heretic back in the mid-19th century).

    1. A.B. Prosper says:
    Executing degenerate drug users and sellers improves society. The only people who need compassion are those hooked on legal drugs from a prescription . Otherwise if you use hard drugs, you undermine order itself . Heroin , PCP, Meth, Coke and the rest need to go.
    Now I do favor some legalization , low grade weed, shrooms LSD maybe X etc but people who regulatory use them are degenerates
  • Jack Highlands says:
    At our eugenic peak (roughly, The Enlightenment, which is ironic, given the NRx take on The Enlightenment) we Europeans had arrived there mostly via two trends: the intelligent and industrious outbred the stupid and lazy, and we executed many violent males before they got to breed at all.
    (Note that by eugenic, I mean well matched to the culture the genes had built – we could use more violence-prone genes now.)
    Now, after 250 years of fossil fuel-driven Malthusian plenty, the stupid and lazy are about the only ones breeding at all. One can’t seriously think that the stupidest and laziest being removed from the gene pool via Fentanyl OD’s – or via death squads for that matter – is, in the big picture, a bad thing.
    • Corvinus says:
      “One can’t seriously think that the stupidest and laziest being removed from the gene pool via Fentanyl OD’s – or via death squads for that matter – is, in the big picture, a bad thing.”
      Actually, tens of millions of white people are able to seriously think your proposal–the murdering of the stupid and lazy–is anti-human and anti-God.
      • Jack Highlands says:
        Executing those at the top of the drug chain is no more murder than executing highwaymen was centuries ago. I admit though, even the highwaymen received more due process than a helicopter ride.

Like the boys, I have no patience or regard for druggies and the libertarian idiots that think we should legalize drugs. I may concede there may be a case for pot - but the harsher chemicals? Those kill people and using them isn't a victimless crime. Those zombies will kill to finance their habit and they take their families with them as they head for rock bottom. If there was any profit to the sale of drugs our gubbiments would be all over it. The fly in the ointment is that the social problems they create and the resultant rot of the culture and societies they belong too. The costs of drug use would eat up the profits and are as unhealthy for cultures and societies as they are for individuals.

Methinks that in the interesting days ahead - that our elites will be horrified by the kind of deplorables that will thrive and survive.  :)


  1. Actually, there's GREAT profit for the government in keeping drugs ILLEGAL; not only do the brass get their cut of the drug sales, they also get well-funded government organizations that they can use to murder their competition. Still, I'm not for legalizing drugs, as it might encourage kids all the more.

    1. Kids have more than enough crap on their plates as it is...