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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Contain The Rage, Filthie! Contain The RAGE!!!!

Aw jeeez!!!

This morning I went out to make a formal attempt at FPV Crapcoptering (and failed).

On the way back, a couple girls were out on their horses - whadda they call 'em? "Paints"? Looks like someone sloshed 'em with white and black paint? Anyhoo, they were out in a harvested and cut field. A couple of flocks of Canada geese went glurting overhead, flying almost low enough to take their hats. To finish it off, we had the gloomy October fall skies going on.

I couldn't even get a friggin cell pic! If I hadda gotten that one, I would have put the BOOTS to CW, BW and even Norman Rockwell himself!

Once in a lifetime pictures like that are the stuff of memories... and this is why the damn kids carry the things around everywhere they go. I suppose I should have been happy just to have seen it...but it would have been a major score to have gotten a picture to share.


  1. Sorry about the missed photo op. I used to hear brown and white horses called "paints" and black and white horses called "pintos." I don't know if that's correct or not.

  2. A Paint is a specific breed of horse, while a pinto is a color combination. Generally if you took two colors of paint and used a few swipes with a big brush, you're looking at a pinto; could be a pinto quarterhorse, thoroughbred, standardbred, saddlebred, a pony, whatever. A Paint can be pinto colored, or a solid color of some sort, but it's an actual breed, like a quarterhorse or thoroughbred.

    Of course, if you take my paint brush suggestion literally, you'd be looking at an embarrassed horse and a very pissed off owner.

    1. That's what I though, WL. A 'pinto' (if I recall correctly) is like a 'mustang' - a horse of mixed ancestry... but I thought the paint was too... I am not an equestrian either.