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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Deep Thoughts From An Ass Hat About A Pope Hat And A Brass Hat

I don't like lawyers. Even the good ones are shit birds. You cannot be a lawyer and claim to have a conscience. Ken White is about as good a man the law profession is ever gonna produce. Ann Althouse isn't bad either - but there are times that that cunned stunt needs a trip to the woodshed too. I think it would be fair and just to say that we should march all the lawyers out and start shooting them at random as a warning to the survivors!

Look - I know these guys have a tough job. I know there are principles involved, and that everyone has a right to a vigorous defense. Ken certainly gives Hillary a 'vigorous defense' as he would put it. But to me, a common man that just wants to see everyone get a fair shake - Ken is polishing a turd. Hillary attacked a young rape victim in a public court and accused her of 'having a thing for older men'. That is a spirited defense, Ken? To me (and I am not a lawyer, thank God) - that is libel. To do something like that to a young girl, in court? That is right on the line of 'a vigorous defence' and libel... and it is definitely in the realm of unethical conduct. Pull my other finger, Ken.

The tone of Ken's article is basically - nothing to see here, Hillary was just doing her job. Well, yes and no. Hillary attacked a young victim of rape in court. She's covered and lied for her husband who also has a history of mishandling women. She's gone on record saying that all victims of rape deserved to be taken seriously and believed. Sure Hillary. Except when your husband does it or you are in court trying to win a case.

I think sleazy lawyers would be a much smaller problem if they were forced to look more closely at the fall out from "vigorously defending people" they probably shouldn't. When we start start sticking to the letter of the law, rather than the intent of the law - injustice asserts itself and the next thing ya know - corrupt, politically connected shrews are giving the FBI the finger and running for president.

I often wonder about these oldsters too. What drives them? If I were an elderly senior, I would be more concerned about harassing the kids, teasing my grandkids and getting the damned dawg out for a walk. If I had money like they do I would retire and say to hell with the world and learn how to garden and live my life. What is it about the halls of power that corrupts? It's like The Lord Of The Rings where the midget gets a ring imbued with evil and magical power - and can't bear to get rid of it even though it's destroying him. I see the grasping, power hungry nutter in Hillary (even most Donks do) - but once I turn my formidable intellect on it I see that maybe she is a product of her environment. Sleaze, back room deals, and dirty pool are a big part of our courts, both in Canada and the US. So it goes in the halls of power, and if you aren't strong enough or mean enough - you get chewed up and spit out. CDR Salamander has an example of that, and the why's of it and the reasoning. Steeped in a poisonous environment like that, I suppose I might understand Hillary and Establishment Repubs a bit. Most of them started out as greasy lawyers too. What's a good man going to do in an environment like that? Did the good general step out in front of the bus - or was he thrown under it? How would YOU survive in a moral and intellectual cesspool like that? Is it any wonder our leaders are bent and twisted people more often than not?

One thing I've noticed abou legal battles is that the biggest winners are typically the lawyers. Oh sure, the stories are rife about the endless cash and prizes won in frivolous lawsuits but usually - everyone except the lawyers takes it up the hooper when differences get 'legal'. I've seen it: when Flapz went through his divorce a list of demands from his ex came through the lawyers. They were ludicrous and infuriating. He told his own lawyer to reciprocate - which he was happy to do - and the tension and anger skyrocketed as ultimatums and threats went back and forth. When he finally broke down and talked to the wife it turned out that the wife's demands weren't that bad, and she was willing to negotiate. They settled and agreed without the lawyers (to their fury) - had the agreement rubber stamped and they parted ways in a more amicable fashion.

Keeping that in mind, I ask myself this question: why are we so polarized today? Liberals are frothing at the mouth to take my guns and rights. I am thinking seriously of shooting people if they try. Canada's Constitution became a fish wrap decades ago and the American one is going the same way - and all the lawyers are in this like a dirty shirt.

Could this lunacy be driven by the legal beagles seeking to profit from an angry populace the way the lawyers did when they were running up legal costs as they negotiated Flapz' divorce? Somebody has to be making money off this, right? I hope the Americans are wise enough to walk into this election and see with their eyes, and not with their hearts.

Whatever happens - keep yer stick on the ice.


  1. My attorney and personal friend refuses to take divorce cases. His reason? "The nicest people you'll ever want to meet go absolutely nuts during a divorce. They'll do anything to hurt the other party - the soon to be ex-spouse. And the kids are caught in the middle, and often asked to make decisions that no child should ever have to make."

    The thing about the US political system is that it's based on a popularity contest. We have the electoral college, which was created to protect we the idiots from electing someone like Hitlery, but the true function has been lost years ago. Now we're stuck with voting for a prom queen or king, and the problem is that who ever wins is going to perform the equivalent of neurosurgery on you, personally, without any training and without any practice and without any do-overs. You'll almost certainly survive, only you'll have the I.Q. of a carpet. Rest assured that after we raid your liquor cabinet we'll hoist a shot to good old what's his name.

    There are a handful of people who have sufficient knowledge, intellect, and heart to make a great POTUS, but they are completely unknown to us, and even if we (the idiots) did know, the selected person would refuse to serve.

    So we're stuck with Mister Popularity or Missus Sugar-Britches. Yes, they're both a little eccentric, and that's on a good day.

    Sticking my neck way out there and figuring that anyone reading this diatribe isn't in any position to cause me any grief, I know for a fact that one U.S. Senator's house in DC is equipped with two changing rooms: One for white girls, one for black girls. The outfits come from a catalogue that's declared immoral in all but three countries. The senator makes no secret of this. No, I haven't been drinking.

    So I'm keeping my stick on the ice and my pistol loaded. And that's the best I can do.

    1. I said kinda the same thing at Unca Bob's, WL.

      If you're raiding my liquor cabinet, WL - a word to the wise: the good stuff is at the back. I keep the swill and crap up front for guys like Bob,, PP and WC and reserve the good stuff for men of character and intellect - like us! :) I disremember whose quote I'm mis-paraphrasing... but it goes something to the effect that the measure of a man's intellect is by how much he agrees with you!

    2. Oh HELL yes. Here's to you Glen, wisdom to make money, and the wisdom to spend it wisely.

  2. it isn't that the halls of power corrupt, it is that the corrupt and sociopathic are drawn to the halls of power thus polluting the halls.
    hillary is not a product of the environment, it is that she is a sociopath and that the environment fits her like a glove.
    child of a friend graduated as a fresh, idealistic lawyer, got a job in the halls of power in this state and lasted about three months.
    the evil and corruption in the said halls was so thick that the idealist could not breathe.
    quit and went to work for a clean private law firm.
    if it can't corrupt you it will smother you to death unless you leave.
    it is rotten to the core. there is no saving it.
    what is necessary to run for office is a desire not found in upright men, who, if they run for office come up against greed, and all other sins.
    they cannot tolerate it.
    a few, such as ron paul, make it through.
    he must have stamina of iron.
    but there is only one of him.
    who will stand up and drain his energy and resources to be elected to public office and do good. it will take a team of titans to swim upstream in the flood of sewerage and become elected.
    many have drowned trying to do what is right.