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Friday, 7 October 2016

Echo Chambers

The good thing about the internet is that ya can screen out the opinions of assholes that don't deserve the time of day. The bad thing about the internet is that if you do that - you might be missing what's going on.

The mainstream media is what it is because it reflects the main stream of our cultures and countries... and they have a bloody hate-on for Trump. Unca Bob and the ignoratti of the blogosphere are predicting a landslide for Trump. I dearly, sincerely pray that they are right - for if Hillary wins it will be all the proof I need to say that America is hopelessly screwed. Each time I see some idiotic prattle in the mainstream media... I fear for our future if they reflect the state of mind of the average citizen. Too often they do and if they are doing that here - America is done.

Up here in Canada the media is crowing because Turdo La Doo's gubbiment racked up only a billion dollars in debt this year. 'Only'? GAH - given the way liberals, journalists and stupid people do math, I trust that figure no further than I can throw the idiots that came up with it!

We live in interesting times and I suspect they are going to get downright dangerous soon. Any country dumb enough to elect a cankle like Hillary will not stand.


  1. It isn't mainstream media, it's commercial media. The commercial media has been out of step with the rest of us (intelligent, erudite, inebriated life) for the past 25 years or more. Their collective hard-on for Trump has more to do with who and what is on their particular board of directors than anything else. I offer as conclusive proof Trump's economic platform, which has a lot to do with reality and little to do with the door knob sucking SJWs providing steam for the daily screed that passes for news and information.

    For some truly unique insight into modern society as we think we might know it, go and take a gander at Fred on Everything (

    As for crazy Uncle Bob and the ignoratti (which word I'm stealing, by the way, as it is truly the coolest thing I've read in six months), I hope and pray that their predictions are correct. I suspect they are dead on the money, as the best that commercial media and the moonbats have been able to do so far is say that Trump is a bad man and Hitlery is ahead by two points.

    Two points? Are you fucking kidding me? If Trump is even half of what the moonbats claim he is, he'd be in prison awaiting trial right now - but he's not. Photos of Trump rallies everywhere show a turn out that is not only unexpected, it's causing many moonbats to contemplate relocating to a different hemisphere should Trump win.

    I volunteered to help them pack.

  2. I apologize for my sloppy writing WL. I stole the term 'ignoratti' and mistakenly applied it to Bob. He and the rest of us might better be described as 'ignoramii'. Pronouns are serious business these days, dontchya know! :)

    I just fear because there's a lot of idiots buying into the shit the media sells. I hope the boys are right too.