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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Filthie's Speakeasy: The String Section

It's another vomit and urine soaked Saturday night at Filthie's Speakeasy, and I am behind the bar trying to polish the crap out of the beer glasses that the dishwasher can't get. I dunno why I bother, these bums will drink out of jerry cans and wouldn't give a second thought to a dirty glass, HAR HAR HAR!

Uncle Bob is snoring with his head on the bar and a beer spilled next to him. BW is cutting a deal on rocket launchers with Vladimir Putin at the corner table, and I can hear WL puking loudly just outside the door in the back alley. A bigger hive of villainy and human scum there never was! And of course there is the regular Saturday night crowd is here: unsavoury negroes, rotters, floozies and tramps, and the usual down n' outters.

This bum has been making the rounds lately and the stupid kids were all agog.  I dunno why everyone is so impressed - I can play a gazoo and nobody makes a big deal of it. But - whatever... here he is again playing the same crap in my dive.

I suppose he's hoping these bums will throw a few bucks in his hat.
Good luck with that fella, I'm lucky if these guys can pay their bar tabs...
This guy isn't bad and his acrylic fiddle has some novelty I suppose - but he's hardly original. He reminds me of the coolest woman alive (besides Tracy Chapman) that used to stop by Filthie's Speakeasy before she made her fame and fortune. This guy makes extensive use of digitized repeaters - and he's not bad but this little lady did it YEARS ago - and sounded and looked a lot better doing it!
Ladies and gentlemen and persons of indeterminate gender - the spectacular KT Tunstall - who is, to my mind, the first of the meta-string musicians. Pity to see her reduced to working in a dump like this!
I wonder if they will ever hold a Songwriter's Circle here at the Thunderbox?
If they did I would prolly have to mop the floors.
I'm sinking a pint myself. I added another machine to the World's Smallest Hangar today. I would show it off now but BW keeps bringing in fuggin Russians, terrorists and arms dealers to cut his shady deals - and I don't want the Russkies getting their grubbers on the technology! Check in tomorrow when the company is a less rough around the edges!


  1. I was not ralphing in the alley. I was tearing off a quickie with the old barmaid.

    I'm an admirer of KT and would have liked to have seen the video, bu "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." That would be the good old U.S. of A.

    The acrylic fiddle player is very good, but not spectacular - yet. I have a feeling that he might be if he keeps going. He's good enough that I'd like to see him live and in person.