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Monday, 31 October 2016

Heroes At Home

One of the fellas at the wife's church was going through his mom's affairs as she had passed quite recently - think he said she was 91. I dunno what all is involved with something like that, but they had to dig through her financial affairs and they found that she was not accepting a special pension that Canada awards its war vets.

If I understand the situation correctly, old war vets (WW1 and WW2) were eligible for a pension over and above CPP which everyone gets. Anyways, upon the death of the vet the pension goes to the wife. I didn't quite catch it all (my hearing is absolutely shot) - but it turned out that the old bird refused to take the money and saw it as charity that she didn't need or want. They must have found some old uncashed cheques or something.

I think about that and just boggle. Today every second welfare case is screwing the country out of everything he can - and his justification for it is that countless others are too and he just wants 'his share'. These types will protest, beg and whine and even riot... while old ladies like this quietly hang on to their pride.

They don't call 'em The Greatest Generation for nothing. Nobody stops to think anymore...what happens when they are all gone? Yegads - we have some very, very big shoes to fill and I don't know if I can do it, never mind the special millennial snowflakes that are coming of age now.

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  1. I actually LIKE the photo on your blog, but it doesn't exactly go with the post title when I link it on Facebook. - lol