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Sunday, 30 October 2016

High Tech Skunkworks At The World's Smallest Hangar

I've been getting a swollen head of late. I have been playing with drone technology and having a ball. You can go down to the store and buy one for a thousand bucks and be flying as well as I do in an afternoon - but all that high tech with the GPS, position/altitude hold, sonar - would get bored awfully fast. That's because today's ultra fast high speed microprocessors take out most of the skill required to fly these machines.

It's a shame, because these toys have so much to offer the inquiring mind. I had to learn to sodder (which is actually pretty easy). I had to learn about rotary wing physics. I had to acquire a chit house level (mis)understanding of microelectronics. I had to question full blown aeronautical engineers about the algorithms the computers use to fly these things and the associated feedback loops and technology. I had to swap endless emails with computer engineers in getting my computer to talk to the machine and get it to accept my commands. This is why the hobby is so great: you can just fly for the fun of it - or get your head into it and start using your noggin.

I've been trying to transition from line of sight flying to FPV (or First Person View) that allows me to use VR glasses to fly the machine through a camera mounted on the front of the aircraft. It hasn't been going well; the visual cues require different reflexes and I have had some brutal crashes. I lost my AV camera and damaged the FPV camera in the last one. I broke my landing gear in another crash. The AV cam is toast but the FPV still runs.

I need a means of training to smooth the transition into my touchy, powerful model. My flight simulator is just not up to it. So yesterday I was in the hobby shop and the retarded retired old fart behind the counter sold me this:

He's about two inches square. He runs off my RC radio, and works with my
Fat Shark VR goggles.
It looks like a $2.00 piece of crap you might buy from Toys R Us...
Good prolly IS!!!
And I prolly got soaked by those old bandits at the hobby shop!

Whatever. I can fly him right into your kitchen and set him down on the table in front of you - or land in the palm of your hand if you cooperate. Cranky old farts that don't like being spied on (like Wirecutter or Gorges) could prolly take him out with a fly swatter. It frightens my dawgs - they run and hide in their crates when they hear it in the living room.

You may dismiss this thing as an idiotic toy... but to me, this thing and the bigger ones like it are magic. As a kid in the 60's I was mesmerized by the experimental aircraft being fielded by NASA and the military. I know what goes into these useless toys - and hope they inspire kids the same way they inspired me to dig into the sciences and tech behind them. It's a good way for older farts to keep their minds nimble too. Forget your slide rule, you old fart - you'll need a programmable calculator to sort out the black magic this little demon runs on!

The day ya stop learning is the day you die. Keep yer stick on the ice - and watch out for falling Crapcopters. ;)

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