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Sunday, 9 October 2016

I HATE The Media

I hate the media with the heat of 1000 suns. In better times, when we were better people, we punished butt rags like the National Enquirer for publishing lies and untruths.




Some assembly required.

Okay, it's supposedly a hoax site. If anyone hadn't said anything - would you have known?

It's like that Michelle Fields hoax. Remember that stunned bint at the Donald Trump political rally a couple months back? Supposedly this intrepid but hapless female reporter went to a Donald Trump rally just crawling with icky racists, bigots, turdies and jacknasties. When she wasn't quick enough to get out of Trump's way - she was thrown to the ground! She was assaulted! She was raped! She was MURDERED!!!!!

Within hours it was on every news feed. A few days later a few scoundrels demanded evidence of this assault and batter. But....but....!!! It was a frenzy! It was a riot of racists!!!! Lookit! She has a bruise!!!

The bruise was smaller than the ones your kid gets every day at the playground. Then the retards, bigots and slobs like Yours Truly started asking, "In a room FULL of rolling cameras...NOBODY caught a few bytes of Trump's goons raping a female reporter? These are the same guys that can dig up forgotten footage of Trump doing some locker room talk 20 years ago?"

And finally - FINALLY -  some disgruntled employee with one of the news agencies actually DID HIS JOB - and the footage appeared in the social media. One of Trump's body guards inadvertently brushed past the lady as he escorted his employer through a media scrum. I don't think you could get even a bruise from contact like that. Of course, the whole thing was a scam. The media suppressed the story, pushed narrative - and not one of those contemptible lick spittles had the integrity to apologize or come clean afterward. Surprise surprise. I can't read these leftist publications anymore, it's like being trolled by retards and children.

The leftist media is bad enough - but formerly respectable conservative publications are going straight down the crapper too. Jonah Goldberg looks like a fag, sounds like a fag, and writes like a pussy. Whatever. Recently I only went there to crap in the comments. For some mysterious reason EVERYONE started doing it and they had to cut out the comments section to protect the integrity of the narrative. It's for our own good! HAR HAR HAR!

I watch these jackals and whores screaming and shrieking about Trump and I dearly hope he wins - just to spite these sanctimonious assholes that pose as our voice and conscience.

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  1. as contemptible as they are, they are getting away with it and millions sit in front of televisions and give credence to the lies, or at least allow the lies to sow doubt.
    God, help us!