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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Keeping Up With Appearances

I put on too many miles on the company truck.

Even though I can use it for personal business, and it's actually a better truck than my own personal one, I still like to drive my '08 Toyota Tacoma. Problem is - is that it's an old man's truck! A couple weekends ago my dad dropped by and that turd brained senior delinquent is driving a piped F150. Yup - 75 years old, and he's chugging around like some fuggin kid with a muscle car! I am green with jealousy and rage. He goes rumbling by and the bubblegummers all swing their heads around to gawk and gape, and the young fellas look on with admiration!

I gotta get in the game or go home. Peer pressure will not be denied.

I figured maybe some classical hunting and fishing decals would spruce up my ride a bit.

Nice. But Wirecutter has those on his truck and I need
something a little flashier.

Remember when these were all the rage? Stackz O. Magz prolly has this on that jacked up monster 4x4 he drives.

Yannow I've almost lost my nuts on trailer hitches and related equipment a
time or two. Those might even be mine but he can keep 'em...
the wife'll never miss 'em, HAR HAR HAR!!!

This might be more in line for the great Filthie Supermarine:

Hmmm. A little more tasteful, but perhaps it's a little too flashy
for an urban chick magnet.
Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh baby, where, oh WHERE have you been all my life?

The perfect example of form following function!
Screw dad, the bubblegummers and the cool kids! Who cares what those idiots think??? Can they do this?
Does life get any better than this? Shoot a turkey, and
wipe your arse with it!
I personally would have shot something soft like a rabbit though.
Yes! I too am a rugged individualist and an outdoor enthusiast! Dammit, where's my credit card?!?
Maybe an old man's truck isn't so bad after all, huh? I wonder if they can make one for a motorcycle?

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