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Monday, 31 October 2016

Let's See The Colour Of Your Money, Captain

I like the Captain but gave up on him awhile back for reasons I'll keep to myself for the most part.

Errrr...I'm kinda embarrassed about this but I have to put a language warning on that one for the more respectable readers. (Yes, I will have a bar of soap too, thank you very much!)

Oh hell, I will just come clean: I despise in the Captain what I see so often in myself: he's bitter, he's cynical and angry. But then I stop and remember that the same forces that did a number on me and my family - have hit younger men his age like a ton of bricks. I got off light! I see that bitterness in bright young men all the time now. It's in the quiet stoics too - the kind of men that just suck it up and deal with it. I can spot them a mile away too. Guys like the Captain and I are too willing to talk about it and let it get to us - the stoics are too quiet and a lot of these problems persist because nobody makes a big enough stink about it. I dunno which is worse sometimes - guys like me and the Cap that bitch about it all the time, or the quiet stoics that won't say chit if their mouths are full of it. Your mileage will vary.

The Cap thinks the Hildebeest is gonna win the election based on the greed of the welfare class and by playing the 'woman card' just as the Buckwheat Administration played the 'black card'. Patriotism has nothing to do with it, people will vote for what's best for themselves rather than what is best for the nation. He may very well be right.

But I have more faith in Americans. You can only rob Peter to pay Paul for so long. And Whitey is getting mightily fed up with victim and identity politics - especially because he is footing the bill. And Hillary tells us that the Grievance Party is just getting started! Oh, you white male bastids haven't begun to pay for the crimes and sins of your fathers! (Apropos of nothing at all, your national debt stands at 19 trillion dollars). Nobody's noticed yet... but the Saxon is beginning to hate again. Also - even if you are a true blue liberal - almost everyone has a family member now that has been hurt by affirmative action and political correctness. Be it a ruined family like mine, or getting passed over for promotion at work, or even losing your job because you made a rude joke on facebook and the wrong creep read it. America won't survive much more of this. I think enough Americans are smart enough to understand that their own self interest is in a free nation that defends its citizens and its interests, and that racism will not be cured by more racism. I pick Trump for the win and contrary to many - I think he will be good for America too. (I can't wait for that mealy mouthed fwench faggot we have for a prime minister to cross swords with him). I offered to bet the Captain $10.00 on Trump for the win. Dunno if he'll take it or not.

Whatever happens, I wish you guys the best of luck. And - stay loose, don't lose faith, and don't get bitter no matter what happens. You must render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's - but you don't have to bow down to him - or her.


  1. With over half the country members of the "freestuff club," I see Hildebeast's bid for the White House as a sure thing. These people don't care that she's not honest, because THEY aren't honest. They don't care that she games the system, because THEY game the system. In short, the current ass farting through the Oval Office chair has bought Hidebeast's votes with taxpayer dollars. The freestuff crowd doesn't care if what is promised to them is unsustainable. These people don't care if the ship sinks, as long as they get what they want until it does.

    You're right; the legal, taxpaying, American citizen is ready to blow a gasket right about now. The Dumacrats don't think this will happen, but it surely will. Indeed; what a mess that will be...

    Hang onto your hat up there, Glen!

  2. Jim is calling for a Trumpslide. I don't think we'll see that...but I wouldn't object if we did. :)

    1. Nor would I, O sage of the Great White North...