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Monday, 24 October 2016

Missed Boats: The Murder Of The Father

Although I love to mock and deride Unca Bob and crap in the comments at The Treehouse - I secretly admire the way he thinks. If I recall he did some superlative work awhile ago that should be mandatory reading for all young men where he distills feminism and liberalism as being about the 'murder of the father'.

He knows what he's talking about. Somehow a few new readers have started to drop in to use the Thunderbox - and I appreciate your company and apologize for the odour. Remember to leave a quarter on the counter! For the new guests, some ancient history and a long story short: my immediate family disintegrated 5 years ago when my daughter discovered she was a militant gay lesbian and a social justice warrior. As such, she and her girlfriend figured they were obviously the moral and intellectual superiors in our family, and they would be enforcing their morals, politics and ethics on the rest of us - particularly me, because I was politically incorrect. Not only that, I was a homophobe, a fascist and intolerant  (who knew?) - and intolerance in our new rainbow family would not be tolerated. I should be thankful, they gave me a list of terms and conditions and ultimatums by which our new family would operate - and despite all the effort they put into enlightening me, I rejected them without a second thought. Whatever - I was done as a father, that much was obvious. My gay hipster of a daughter didn't need one or want one and she could do just fine without one. Or so she had been told and taught.

Over the next few years I had a running fire-fight going with my progressive liberal in laws. Their moral high ground was smack-dab in between me and my daughter and if she was going to give me the finger - they made it plain that they approved and supported her. They have always meddled in my family and last year I finally gave those two idiots the punt. My wife had tried to sit on the fence and not get involved in our increasingly bitter confrontations - but enough was enough. I told her she could come with me, or go with her elderly parents - but she couldn't do both. I fully expected to be selling the house, taking the dogs and the liquor cabinet and the bike - and leaving her the rest. Somehow, by the grace of God - I won that one. I told her parents that they could go pound sand too, and that if they approved of my daughters methods, they couldn't possibly have a problem with me using them too.

That was last year.

Yesterday, the old boy sent his daughter a text telling her that he missed her and was wondering how she was doing. Oh boy. My wife tentatively showed me the cell with the message on it - and I wanted to throw that goddamn thing at the wall. I wanted to reply to it and tell that stupid old son of a bitch where to go and how to get there. I am still shocked at how utterly stupid progressive liberals are. That idiot thought it was just fine to undermine me as a father and it didn't even occur to him that I would do the same right back to him if he wanted to get stupid about it!

This is the evil and stupidity that is endemic to socialism, liberalism, feminism and political correctness. They are so utterly convinced of their own righteousness that it doesn't even occur to them that anyone else would oppose them on valid grounds... and make it painful if they insisted on getting stupid about it.

Today, the last I heard, my daughter had a part time job working in a Hongcouver bicycle shop. Not bad for a 32 year old with five years in university, eh? My outlaws? Well, they're in their 70's. They had three children and lost one in childhood to medical problems in a family tragedy. Their remaining son is a public educator and an unabashed union slob. He divorced his feminist wife (in all fairness, the woman WAS an idiot) and threw the kids under the bus with the usual 'shared custody' BS. Mom and Pop think he's a hero, and that their daughter is a disappointment because she married me. Whatever - my mother in law and father in law are now wondering what in hell happened to their family. The fuckers are never gonna get it either. Everyone's hurt, nobody's happy and nobody will step up and try to make things better. I have a couple times but I'm not going to anymore. We're all adults, we can do what we want - and I am not a father and have been told so - bluntly. Screw you guys too, I guess. Ancint history. Spilled milk.

As for my wife and I - yeah, we're hurt but we're moving along. She's an incredible woman and is made from better stuff than either her mother or her daughter. Yannow she just shocked the bejeebers out of me earlier this year. One day she informed me that she was going to church and even got me to go a few times too. Being raised by liberals, I discovered something utterly shocking: Christians are not evil, sanctimonious villains! I know, right? The first time I went to church I was just astounded. They run their services in two sessions on Sunday mornings with coffee between the two. As I walked among them for the first time I felt something there that I can't describe. I think this is what 'community' is. It was right out of Louis Armstrong's song. The guys shook hands with strangers and laughed and chortled with friends. The women were stunning in their Sunday best. And rug rats! They scampered hither and yon, and the grumpy old men barked at them and then went back to stuffing themselves with coffee and cookies. The children paid them no heed. When the services resumed, the little ones had to come out with the adults and sit quietly and respectfully and listen to the preacher for about ten or fifteen minutes. He went slowly through his schpeil ... and finally dismissed the rug rats and they fled like little gibbons to the Sunday School nursery. I would be willing to bet a little bit of learning goes on in there too despite the best efforts of the children. The faith doesn't have all the answers I need in life, but its adherents certainly seem to.

Contrary to the shit you see in the media, and on the Hollywood
talk IS a wonderful world.
It's all too easy to forget that sometimes too.


  1. Glen, Jesus really IS the answer to all of life's problems. Unfortunately, most churches today are as corrupt as the government. If you've found a good church, don't expect perfection, but watch closely and listen; you'll be glad that you did.

    1. Gorges I don't know good scripture from bad, or a good church from a bad one just by looking at them.

      But I DO know right from wrong and I learned much of it the hard way. The same way I think my daughter and in laws are learning now.

      Might have some questions for you on that later on... if you have the time.

  2. I'm sorry you're having family problems, but I'm very glad you found a Christian church. You're quite right; it's a community, and it's inclusive rather than exclusive. Everyone has difficulties and triumphs in their lives, and it helps to have a community to share those with.

    The divorce between family members is often a means of self-preservation. These people live a toxic lifestyle, and that's their problem. If they wanted help to get out of that lifestyle, that's one thing. If they want you to join them and poison yourself and your family, that is something else. But to try and coerce you to live the way they do - no. Hell no. Since they continue to try and convert you, you have no choice. You can't help them, and they are toxic to you and yours. You sever the relationship until such time as they want to mend it and accept you the way you are.

    Judging by your writing, you're a good man Glen Filthie. You can throw your feet under my dining room table any day.