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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Mrs. Filthie - The Early Years

All that, and then a cross bar...??
I never played organized soccer as a kid but the wife did and apparently she was pretty good at it. Remember when your creaky old bones could move like that, and a stunt like this was just a matter of practice? I never got to see her play, by the time we met she had given it up.
In any event someone had posted this on the rod n gun forum and all us old stubfarts were HAR HAR HARing and FNAH FNAH FHAHing at this young lady's antics when all she got was a cross bar out of it. How can ya have skills like that and NOT score on an empty net?
One of the younger posters set us straight. Apparently the idea is to HIT the crossbar; it is a measure of coordination and skill and an expert's proposition. Apparently it's a thing with soccer hooligans.
Only women could make a show of skill and ability out of NOT scoring on an empty soccer net! How were we supposed to know?!? We're creepy, stinky old men and pretty young women (rightfully) avoid us. Nobody tells us these things!!! Apparently, in the words of John Cougar Mellonhead, we all gotta 'forget all about that macho shit and learn how to play guitar'.
Somehow I think my chances at learning how to play guitar
are right up there with my chances
of learning how to hackey-sack a soccer ball...

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