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Wednesday, 12 October 2016


This morning I had to drop the company truck off for a routine service at the Ford dealership...and while I waited for my ride I went into the showroom to take a peek around. There were the usual econoboxes and piss burners, but a few jacked up 4x4's too. The one that made me laugh was the one with a 3.5L V6...for $72,000 Canukistani! A 3.5L? In a 4x4? For 72K???

Riiiiiiiiiight. And lookit!!!! 84 month financing!!!! I walked out of there shaking my head. Aren't they supposed to kiss ya first?

I was congratulating myself on my financial level headedness and then forgot all about it. At lunch time me and a coworker were going back to the dealership when he decided to stop in at the RV dealership and I inadvertently stubbed my toe on the tire of one of these:

Oh man. I want it!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy. These things are great. It has a crapper in it!!! AND a furnace!!!! I could be out at the rod n' gun club parked in the trees, snug as a bug in a rug and only going outside to shoot! Or maybe walk the dogs! I could go to the rifle rodeos and tournaments around the province on summer weekends and if it rained I could just say to hell with it and flake out in the camper. It goes up faster than it takes you to think about it too. Oh it has a sink and a stove too, of course. This would be just the ticket for a crabby old fart to be at home while he's away from home. Put two dogs, a case of beer and a fart sack in it - an all is well with the world. You'd never get me outta there!


I would never finance something like that; I would have to pay cash - and that makes it mighty hard to be impulsive. The wife was looking hard at them tonight too. Gosh, it would be soooooo easy to get stupid right now... but it's a bad time with the oil bust and all. When we were kids we camped in a small 4 season tent all year round. We had the cold weather gear and we could camp comfortably in winter at temps so cold that starting the vehicle the next morning was an iffy proposition. I almost killed Flapz on February where it went down to -28C. Can you imagine doing that again - but in shirt sleeves, sipping a scotch and playing cards? Hmmmm... I wonder if propane works right at those temps? I've heard that it can freeze up too... Gosh, time flies. A few light seconds ago I relished a winter camp out. Now I'm an old fart who wants nothing to do with it! HAR HAR HAR!

It's something to think about. Maybe in another year or two...


  1. Is this in Oz??? A thunder box?? sounds like it.

  2. I'm a high rolling Albertan in Canada, Crystal. I flaunt my wealth with indoor plumbing to impress guys like Gorges! ;)