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Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Authorities Have Been Alerted

I knew there was something seriously WRONG at Coopville the second I got there.

I was outraged (OUTRAGED, I say!!!). A Chicom locomotive? In America?!?!?

TREASON! Treason most foul!!!! Oh, you can just bet I had diplomatic dispatches off to King Charles, Queen Betty and even Senator McCarthy within minutes! (The only reason it took that long was that I had to wipe the rage spittle off my computer screen). You can bet the parties responsible will be writing an apology and that financial compensation for my hurt feelings are on the way!  :)

Thankfully, Willy is on hand to sooth ruffled sensibilities, and properly dispense with this train treachery!

Steel wheels rumblin' 'neath the floor...

There's a couple versions of this tune out there, and I wouldna thunk that Willy would be the one that does the best job of it - but he is!

Chinese locomotives? The very idea! This is why I love Americans though - they understand The Machine and that the locomotive is a noble machine indeed - and special ones deserve names rather than numbers. Today we don't seem to have noble machines with character anymore. When did we stop making them? And why?


  1. We stopped making them in 1953. Why? Diesel power was faster and cheaper to maintain and increased profits. We don't have the factories or the skills to make them anymore. It's a damn shame.

  2. If we ever quit trading with China, we'll all just have to move to Canada and Australia to survive.