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Monday, 3 October 2016

The Rebellion Begins

And not a moment too soon.

Political correctness always was idiotic. It enabled bullies, perverts, losers, shit-skinned race whores and provocateurs, cultural Marxists, cultural Mcarthyists - and any number of other turd burglars - to make life miserable for the rest of us. It all started out stupid and went downhill until we arrived at the bottom of that slippery slope. Everything is offensive these days - especially morals and ethics! We need censorship, loss of freedom to speech, and safe places so that stupid, marginal degenerates and losers don't feel bad about themselves.

I personally burned out decades ago. I don't care what the bitchy faggots think, or the hairy, flat chested feminists or any of the new victim groups. I actively and overtly hate them all - and think nothing of ridiculing them to the full extent of the law. I covertly discriminate against them in ways that would prolly get me in trouble ... but they would have to catch me first, and then prove that I am discriminating against an approved victim group and not an idiot. It is still legal to discriminate against stupid and incompetent people - and telling them apart from liberals and social justice warriors is getting increasingly difficult, if not impossible of late.

When I saw that Twitter was banning people for the heinous crime of not being politically correct I just grit my teeth, sighed and shrugged. I knew that sooner or later a push back would come - all that surprised me is that it took this long. Facebook is apparently doing the same thing. I don't facebook or tweet because I have no time for idiots that get triggered or microaggressed or have their milk curdle on them if somebody tells a rude joke. I've seen the witch hunts where people get swarmed and fired from their jobs for saying the wrong thing to the wrong loser. There's enough of that bullshit going on in the workplace - I don't need more of it on my own time.

But apparently that all gave rise to Gab - which apparently is going to be a massive Non-Safe Place where adults can talk about things that offend stupid people and children. Apparently it runs just like twitter only better! If I were to do the social media I suppose I would take up there first. Already the right people are shrieking about how only racists and haters will use it. We'll see I suppose.

I see the former CEO of Mozilla - this guy got fired when they found out that he was against gay marriage and had given money to legal groups actively opposing it - has a new browser up called Brave. I just downloaded it and will try it out - it pisses me off when my regular browsers come up and push liberal mouthpieces like MSN and other leftwing media sites. It's about bloody time.

I am finished with diversity, multiculturalism, tolerance and the entire pant load of leftwing demagoguery. If some white cop rightfully shoots a black baboon in the course of thwarting a crime - I am just peachy with it. If black gang bangers shoot other black gang bangers - I am good with that too! Ghetto blacks that shoot other ghetto blacks should get medals and free ammo!

There's a message here for the scolds, the nannies, the thought and speech police: "Fuck you - we're leaving." No, you won't be telling us what we can or can't talk about, no, we don't care if that offends you, no, we don't care if you are excluded, triggered or marginalized. No, you won't be censoring us anymore either.

It's good to see that there are alternatives to the forums that have fallen to the social justice warriors. I wish the new media all the luck in the world. It's about time. I don't think this is over yet though - and suspect that it will come to bloodshed sooner or later. I suppose it already is what with the black race riots and chimp-outs.

Whatever - I am going to do my level best to stay true to myself, my family and community - and wish you luck in doing the same.

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  1. When one door is slammed in our faces, another one will eventually open. Same thing has happened to newspapers. Who need them anymore? (except for the Sunday comics and the coupons).