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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Winter Arrives

I dunno about you but for me the end of the year is when the first snow flies. And it doesn't start until the warm weather arrives. During this dead time of the year I used to hunt and play outside if I could. Now that I'm an old fart staying entertained in winter takes a little more work. The first snow fell late last night.

The lake hasn't frozen yet.

It was beautiful out this moring. It was only -1 C so it wasn't cold but there was a layer of pristine snow on the ground.

The always important first yellow snow
of the year...
First footprints in the first snow of the year.
This winter's off to a good start.

I love early mornings because we own them around here. All the city's hoopleheads and retards are still asleep in their beds while we patrol in the peace and quiet. Once the dogs were finished, the wife and I went for coffees with Pete and Mary. This is a righteous start to a good long weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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