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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

When We Were Kings

Retard School Gun Club

Our shooting team is coming along nicely.
We are on track for Gold Medals
at the Special Olympics dontchya know...

For Those That Whine About Privacy Rights

Dogs don't have privacy issues and don't think
you should either.

Pizzagate: A Fart By Any Other Name Would Smell As Rank

I used to be a naïve person. I think most folks are in their youth but as I got older I started seeing people for what they are, largely by judging them by what they do. What they say is almost irrelevant with the worst of them.

When the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky thing blew up, I was kind of disgusted with the conservatives. I hated Bill Clinton as much as anyone - but really? Smears like that? As if a PRESIDENT of the United States is gonna risk his family, his marriage, his job, his reputation - right in the Whitehouse with eyes and ears everywhere.... for a gummer....? Pull my other finger fellas, it has bells on it!

And then of course, the truth came out. That enough was a blow to my childish world view right out of the water - but when he sailed through everything with a nudge and a wink to his pals, and a raised middle finger to the nation - suffice it to say my opinions world views changed. Yeah, I really was that naïve.

Neil over at the Golden Geese throws in his two cents about pizzagate.

Scott Adams' rebuttal.

I am not entirely familiar with the ins n' outs of this issue and admit it right up front. I've only seen the snippets and bytes everyone else has. But I have some empirical observations and I don't like what they suggest.

Question: what are people the same age as you or I ... or older ...  doing in a kids' pizza parlour? Guys
our age might dip in for a burger at the usual fast food joints when we lose our resolve. Or we might go out with the wife to dinner at a regular or even a fancy restaurant. We  wouldn't go out to a ping-pong pizza joint for kids. America's rich and powerful elite politicians almost certainly wouldn't. I doubt they would send carefully worded, ambiguous emails about it if all was on the up and square either.

Unless they are pedos, of course. If anyone has any other explanations, I'm all ears.

Observations: The media, en masse, is almost unanimous in dismissing this as conservative paranoia. When I was a kid, old dinosaur journalists would be right up front, champing at the bit and asking tough questions of everyone involved and demanding answers and wanting to be the first with a big scoop. Today they are all in lockstep denying anything amiss despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.

These are the same guys that told half of America that they were deplorable racists and that Hillary was gonna be the next president of the United States. This smells like another white wash/cover-up to me.

I won't be surprised if Neil has the right of this.

Nobody except the liberals, some obscure nutters and the media said anything about child sacrifice,
cannabilism etc.
Child prostitution is what it looks like, and given the Clinton's
family values (and many of their friends) which are a matter of public record - the
accusations are entirely plausible and need to be addressed.
From where I sit, this isn't settled at all.

Contrary to Neil though - I don't think this is gonna "blow up". It didn't for Bill Clinton when he was getting gummers from Monica in the Oval Office and it won't here either. It will be a nudge and a wink, and it all goes away just like that FBI investigation on Hillary.

Years ago in Canada we had a creepy socialist party leader of the NDP - Jack Layton - we referred to him as 'Gassy Jack'. Anyhoo, the RCMP received word that young Vietnamese girls were being brought into the country, and set up in cat houses and forced into prostitution. (Prostitution is not legal in Canada and guys like you and I would go to jail if we were caught being involved in it). A local massage parlour was targeted as one of these operations, and the red coats stacked up outside the door - and then burst in, netting prostitutes and johns alike. Soon the only people there that weren't in cuffs were the cops! They loaded the lot into a paddy wagon, and sent  down to headquarters where they started to process 'em and sort 'em out.

One of the johns caught with his pants down was Gassy Jack Layton, who had been busted in a room with an underage Vietnamese prostitute. Gassy had a thing for yellow meat because his wife was of oriental extraction too. They had this shit-bird dead to rights - if it had been you or I we would probably be in the slam and our names would be in a sex offender registry. Our wives would probably have shot us, and we almost certainly would lose our jobs.

You were a real piece a work, Gassy.

The media and his groupies gawped in shock and horror... and then promptly went to work. "But...but...but...he wasn't there to fornicate! Heavens no! He was there getting a therapeutic massage!!!! How dare you insinuate that Jack engages in prostitution!!!! Why are we even discussing this?!?!?" And - before ya knew it, the media dropped everything, swept it under the rug, and the rest of the perps went before a judge, and Gassy went back to his posh office on The Hill. A couple years later he died of cancer - after a positively heroic battle with it, of course.

Today the chubsters with the nose rings and pink hair, the gay hipsters, the childish millennial social justice warriors and the greasy, elderly hippies remember Gassy as a folk hero.


Lemme fix that caption for ya: "DON'T TURN YOUR BACK ON GUYS LIKE JACK"

That statue is in serious need of some pigeons.  I hope the Americans are smart and ethical enough to run this down and punish any offenders if required... but I fear their system and the people that run it are easily as corrupt as ours. Most of all I pray for the kids. Yannow, we kicked the STUFFING out of the church when those kiddie-diddling priests were doing their thing... but we let people like the Laytons and the Clintons walk away with a disgusted shrug and say "Whaddya gonna do?"

What does that say about us?

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Where Internet Memes Come To Die... Fun With Farts


The last one was a harmless popper with a disappointing bouquet. But the one before that - at McDonalds? That had the teenagers shouting rage-filled insults and accusations at their hapless boyfriends?

A couple spring to mind:

Gone With The Wind
Apocalypse Now
The Rocketeer...

Bah. I'll stick with 'Die Hard 15 - I Wish I was Dead'.

BW Gets The Bed Spins

No, BW is too much of a gentleman to indulge in drunk and disorderly
conduct - but if he were to start working my side
of the street, a quart of Black Bull and night sleeping in the ditch
might look like this.

Filthie's Hinterland: Who's Who: The Ukranian Pheasant

Sometimes referred to as the magpie, or the Saskatchewan Partridge, this filthy little bastard lives
to crap on vehicles and farm machinery, ruin any chances of sleeping in, and robbing bird feeders.
They are almost impossible to kill - they are smart enough to avoid traps,
they have ESP and getting within .22 range is a challenge at best.
For more information about the Ukranian Pheasant, contact the Fish & Wildlife
office in Ottawa.

The Three Hardest Things I've Done In My Life

In no particular order:

  • Going back to school and getting edjyacated: I was never a particularly bright pupil, and I have always sucked at math - so it made perfect sense to go into a STEM program. I was always swamped with assignments, labs and write-ups, and cramming for exams. I finished up in the top third of my class which is about as good as a dumb ass like me is gonna do.
  • Quitting tobacco. I love the weed, but I absolutely hated the addiction and the fact that the gubbiment was using tobacco to bend me over and give it to me up the hooper! A pack of smokes up here in Canada goes for - what? Over ten bucks, now? A tin of snuff has to be getting up there too. I quit on the day of my patron saint in 2009! I went cold turkey on April Fool's Day and have been clean ever since. I looked like a druggie in detox for about a month and had the shakes and pale, sickly look...then was owly as a bear for the next 6 months after that... and after that life got easier. I quit to flip the bird at the gubbiment, not to appease the health Nazis. (They can kiss my ass too, as far as that goes). Nor will I be one of those guys that figures that because he quit, everyone else should too. I can socialize with smokers but if asked, my stance is that if a guy like me can quit - you can too! Everyone quits when it's time for them.  Justin Turdo can recoup all the lost tax revenue from tobacco by going after the pot heads as far as I'm concerned - good luck with that, Justine!
  • Losing my daughter. I've spoken about that in these pages before but some heart breaks just don't heal up right. Suffice it to say I still struggle with it from time to time. I'm moving on but it's hard sometimes.

All that pales compared to the challenges ahead. I have to get serious about a healthy diet and exercise. Gawd, I love my grub. It's all my wife's fault of course - she is a superb cook... but that excuse only goes as far as you can throw it.

The time for New Year's Resolutions draws near. I might try getting healthy then... or maybe I might wait for April Fools in 2017.  :)

Monday, 28 November 2016

Prepping: You're Doing It Wrong

Yannow it just amazes me that the people that are least able to do for themselves - are the ones advocating civil/race war and genocide, or chimping out in riots like the one in Ferguson. There's any number of black baboons on the internet urging the negro race to make war on Whitey. They're serious too. AND - they're educated, some of 'em. Sure, they got phony degrees given out by liberal universities to undeserving token vibrants - but you would think they'd have picked up basic math before they 'graduated'. If those gibbons ever get their wish for full blown race war, they will wish they hadn't... assuming they survive it. The very fact that growing numbers of stupid people are pushing civilization-ending agendas should have the rest of us prepping like mad.

So it was that I learned that all my prepping, and that of the experts - was being done wrong.

When I tried to explain to our senior friend that the idea behind prepping was that you wouldn't have to live like an 'urban outdoorsman' by prepping - he got kind a tetchy. I shouldn't tease him but stupid people can be so much fun sometimes! HAR HAR HAR!!!! Shoot - I shouldna said anything to the old bugger at all really - he's old and not that bright and it is unfair to make sport with such people. It's his life and if he wants to expend it in such a fashion, Darwin, Murphy (and Filthie) will thank him for it and smile, HAR HAR HAR!!!!

I don't think a bar of soap in a sock is gonna work on
this guy - but if you wanna
try him - I will not stop you. I'll just head for the hills,
thank you very much.

When I first ran into Wirecutter's blog I became aware of the III Percenters. I know everyone's pretty much given up on the concept and that it is in the hands of a few nutters now... but I think the original vision was valid and worthy. Washington's top brass have bomb shelters, back up, and extreme measures designed to protect America's ruling elite in the event of war or disaster... and the common man should too. I remember them talking about having a place to fall back to, where if the unthinkable actually happened - there would be a viable, workable contingency plan for restoring society and for rebuilding. It made me feel better just knowing that somebody had a plan besides shitting on the sidewalks, or thumping somebody over the head with a bar of soap in a sock and stealing their supplies. (Fair warning - in dire straights, my AR15 will trump your bar of soap in a sock. My probable survival strategy in that situation would be to shoot the perp, leave his body out for the birds and as a warning to any other morons that might think to try me. I shouldn't have to say this, but stupid people are what they are: DON'T BRING A BAR OF SOAP TO A GUN FIGHT!

This guy? Yeah, you might be able to take him out with
a bar a soap in a sock. Unfortunately all he has
is an idiot box...

I'm no real prepper myself. We can prolly go 10 ~ 30 days if the lights went out right now. Cut that in half if I have to look after and share with others. I won't get any more specific than that but suffice it to say I can defend myself against roving rodents hoping to best me and loot me with rudimentary weapons. In any event, my preps aren't enough but sadly - they are light years beyond what a lot of people have done.

A couple years back I got booted off a sportsman's chat forum when the Bow River in Calgary flooded and reports came out that drinking water was at a premium.  The nooze said that the going rate for a flat of water bottles was around $40.00 and my position was that when the lights go out, and supplies become a matter of survival - you can expect shite like that and if you aren't're gonna be shelling out $40.00 (or more) for a flat of water and it will serve you right if you haven't done anything to help yourself. There were a lot of panty waists and social justice warriors that were horrified and decided that my opinions weren't correct and that I had to be dispensed with! HAR HAR HAR - Can't blame 'em for having good taste, can ya!  :)

I ain't gonna scold anyone here, because I am not adequately prepared either - but at least I have the sense to work on it and you should too. When people get hungry, they get downright nasty and if you are on your own - it makes sense to be prepared.

Why I Got Fired From My Burger Flipping Job...

Nobody appreciates modern art...

Sunday, 27 November 2016

An Open Apology To Everyone With An IQ Above Freezing

So young Turdo La Doo praised the late Fidel Castro and played up his life accomplishments like he was some kind of great humanitarian or something. Many are outraged, considering Castro's dismal track record on human rights and obvious disregard for the welfare of his countrymen. It's left a lot of our American friends shifting uncomfortably and awkwardly, trying to be tactful and polite around a Canadian retard that just farted at the dinner table. Forgive the crude analogy - but it is closer to the truth than you think. To understand Justin Turdo, you need to understand the part of the country and the toxic family that produced him. Mark my words, this kid will be the catalyst that produces Canada's version of Trump in the next electoral upset.

Pierre Elliot Trudea was a former prime minister of Canada and Justin's father. Much as I despise Justin, he is not nearly the swine his father was.

Pierre Trudeau was an effeminate dishrag of a man
popular with homosexuals, some prostitutes and socialists.
He's typical of the elite derelicts produced in the fast lane of the big urban cities
like Tranna, Hongcouver and Mon Trail.
Contrary to American beliefs, you could step out of NYFC and into Mon Trail and
other than all the frogs -
you wouldn't be able to tell that you left!

Like all liberals, Pierre hated the military and as a youth, one of his 'pranks' was to dress up in a German uniform and join the peaceniks in gobbing on returning war vets at the conclusion of WW2. That little stunt made him the darling of the ultra trendy elite leftists of Canada and his 'bad boy' persona made him a hit with the empty headed groupies, new age feminists and young women of the nation. He was one of those guys much like Bill Clinton: he could insult anyone, any group, piss on the rules everyone else abided by - and get away with it. People of low morals and intellect in the big cities thought he walked on water. The rest of the nation ground its teeth and zipped its lip.

Turdeau's first big mistake: Margaret. Bipolar, terminally slutty,
of questionable sanity - this was Justin's mom.
A reall class act all the way.

Pee-rre's life started going to hell in the late 70's. People just got fed up with his ropey mouth, the antics of his nutter of a wife - and his devastating economic and social policies. He was the last politician ever to travel the nation by rail. As his train stopped in a small town in BC, a group of protesters descended on it to do what protestors do. These were working class slobs that had watched their jobs disappear thanks to meddling from the federal gov't. Being the idiot he was, Turdo gave them the finger and sneered at them... and then the eggs started to fly. A veritable hail of rotten eggs splattered that Via Rail coach car from one side to the other! They're still trying to scrub them all off decades later, HAR HAR HAR!!!!

HAR HAR HAR! Keep your arse against the wall boys,
cause it ain't his boot he wants to put up there...
You can see why half this nation hates the other half.

The Turdo era came to a close with the nation mired in debt, with high unemployment and high taxes that have never been really addressed since. Like America, with the exception of possibly Stephen Harper... our conservatives were much like the liberals. There were endless scandals, tax and spend, and refusal to do anything about the REAL problems facing the nation.  The point of all this was that the Trudeau family is much like the Clinton family: vicious, conniving, corrupt and unhealthy. I suspect that should Chelsea Clinton ever step into the political arena, she will do it much like Justin did - as a puppet for a team behind the scenes, polished and promoted by his PR hacks in the mainstream media. In real life, outside of politics, Justin's qualifications for being prime minister is his job experience as a...  junior high substitute drama teacher.

Rinse and repeat. The same ropey mouth, the same attitude
toward tradition and values... but the hair!!!
This 'bad boy' persona had Canada's brainless women wet
between the legs
and eating out of the palm of his hand.
There goes 50% of the electorate....HAR HAR HAR!

He's dropped the F bomb in public on conservatives, he doesn't like, he's sucked up to sexual degenerates and bows low to social justice warriors - and he's everything you would expect of a man that was raised by rich, entitled idiots that never had to work for a living or understand how money and budgets work. Turdo La Doo is basically a child with a credit card he doesn't have to pay for.

That's were the taxpayer comes in, I suppose. This is what a monarchy looks like in Canada. Ugh.

It's a rotten thing to say, but entirely true: it's a good thing when men like Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Pierre Trudeau die and pass away...but it behooves us to remember that there are any number of fools and evil men that will step in to take their places in a heartbeat. Justin Turdo isn't an evil commie like Fidel or his father - he's just a stupid one.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Saturday Afternoon Cartoons

It's edjyacational.
Ahhhh ... fahgeddabbidit.

Filthie's Speakeasy

I think they're faggots.
Long as they keep it outta my bar - they
don't sound too bad for a modern group I suppose

It's a good idea to watch your drink around Filthie's Speakeasy. The locals are liable to guzzle it if yer back's turned, or do unspeakable things to it if they think you're not watching. Don't ask what a Waikiki Bomber is and don't ask the boys for one either. That is one drink that YOU. DON'T. WANT. Don't ask how I know this. Stop that laughing, damn you lot! It's NOT funny!!!! I'm still mad about it!!!!

Also, everyone hand over your firearms. I know! I KNOW, alright?!? But last week WL was showing off that cute little Walther PPK in 32ACP of his. Of course fuggin Quartermain told him the thing was an underpowered pea shooter and next thing ya know, they shot Uncle Bob in the ass as he dozed at the bar. He didn't wake up but when he did - and found out he had been used for a ballistic experiment, we all caught the very hell of it! I've still got the bruises to show for it! Hand 'em over!!!

In any event, at BW's recommendation we're looking at a new concept here at the Thunderbox in scotch whisky:

Hmpffff!!! Blended at 50%? That's close to cask strength
for the single malts...
I think I paid just under $75.00 for it...

I've lucked out with cask strength single malts. I ordinarily frown on high test intoxicants because alcohol can overwhelm the taste of the booze. All that goes out the window with scotch based on my very limited experience. Years ago I bought a Bowmore at 53% and it was spectacular. If I had a time machine I would go back and pick up a case - I've not seen it since. So it goes for special bottlings I guess. Let's see your glasses, fellas! Bottom's up! (Not your ass, Stackz! Jeez - can't take that kid anywhere, HAR HAR HAR!!!!)


Oh my. Oh my goodness. From the website:


Colour : Old Amber.
Nose : Robust, chunky aromas of sherry, red fruits, cherries and toffee with a suggestion of vanilla and lemon sherbert.
Palate : Creamy chocolate, fruit and honey with apple and an expressive nuttiness.
Finish : Buttery toffee, long lasting, coordinated, silky.
Comment: : A whisky that comes at you at full charge initially, and then gradually soothes you with its bountiful palate and smooth finish.

I get the fruit - it's almost explosive. I can almost get the vanilla and toffee but they are elusive and VERY subtle. The lemon comes in the tasting. The toffee comes forward in the finish and it is AWESOME. Oh my - Filthie likes! Four fingers outta five, fellas - you can set your watch and warrant to it! I just might have another one of these!

Hmpfffff! I see Wirecutter forgot his .41 Magnum here last weekend, and if none of you louts says anything about it - maybe we can get some trigger time in with it! Pretty sure I got a box of shells round here somewhere! Finish the bottle, boys - we'll set the empty up in the back alley and get some trigger time in! In honour of the gent donating the pistol, maybe we should get some proper music on the juke too!

Crank up the volume Uncle Bob! Quartermain's up first! First guy to hit the bottle drinks for free all afternoon! As for me, I'll be the range officer and judge and my word is final! I think I need another glass too - it's purely medicinal and improves the eyesight and digestion!

The rest of you - have a great Saturday! And don't tell Wirecutter where his 41 magnum is!  :)

I Think They Are Gonna Do It

I am seriously torn about it. I grew up with pot in the schools but being a bit of a redneck I left it to the stoners and party animals. I didn't fit into any groups in high school and just kinda went my own way. I drank too much as all kids do but was smart enough not to get hurt. My older brother did pot and the lighter drugs and he was smart enough not to get hurt too. I've always regarded pot as something for kids and stupid people but was shocked to learn that of everyone at work, the manager and I are the only ones that don't do drugs.

I am against legalization on a couple of principles

- once you legalize this shit, every other druggie and turdie will want his poisons legalized too. Incrementalization is what it is. What next? Opium? After that? Crystal meth?

- the optics are - as with anything involving liberal morons - bizarre. We'll shit a brick over people smoking - and then encourage them to do this stuff too?

- the pot on the market today is not the harmless weed it was 100 or even 20 years ago - the THC levels have increased by orders of magnitude through selective breeding and genetics. Pot heads will actually claim this shit is good for you but you can tell just by looking at long time users that it isn't. Listen to them talk and try to reason...and you know it isn't.

- the law enforcement problems won't go away - instead of asking the question 'Is this kid smoking an illegals substance', the question becomes 'How intoxicated is this kid, how do we measure it and how to we punish criminally negligent use of it?"

I have no issues with people using this shit on a personal basis. My neighbours do it and I could care less. Sometimes the music in the house is a little loud but they shut it off at night and other than the smell you would never know anything is amiss. They're courteous and discrete, and otherwise they are just regular working slobs paying their own way and trying to get ahead like all of us. Most users I know are like that. The only people getting seriously busted for drug use in Canada are the assholes who lose control of themselves and start trampling the rights of others. Because our courts are infested with liberals - our judiciary doesn't punish wrong-doers unless they have REALLY done something seriously wrong. Any extra laws that force them to punish criminal behaviour are just fine in my books because they don't enforce half the laws we DO have. Again - this is life in a land run by liberal assholes.

As I said, I am conflicted. In other news, Turdo La Doo's gubbiment overshot their budget by 8 billion this year, the economy is going down the crapper - but one has to have priorities I suppose.

Grampa Bandy...?

Hmpffffff! That HAS to be one of BW's tribe. No bones about it!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Friday Scotch/Friday Movies

A lot of people are on the single malt scotch band wagon now. I dunno how I got on it. I think it was my father in law's doing. Back when we were civil and even friendly enemies we would go hunting and fishing and of course, spend the night round the campfire with whatever rotgut he bought. I didn't have the money to afford booze when we were young, so he would buy lighter fluid like Famous Grouse or Cutty Sark or some cheap blended shite that was fit for cleaning your rifle and that's about it. He drank it straight up, no mix - and so I did too and acquired a taste of sorts.

Years later I was buying the booze for the trips and I spied an ad/display featuring The Six Classic Malts Of Scotland - and I was lost. My father in law was too - we drank Cardhu. We guzzled Oban. We inhaled The Six Classic Malts and then started sampling other makes. Any occasion was a suitable occasion for a formal scotch tasting and the women would roll their eyes as we got schnockered and came up with frilly adjectives to describe the notes and flavours as we put on drunken airs of phony sophistication. I had so much fun I bought books on it and soon I could pick out and accurately describe the textures and finishes of most spirits. I got so good at it, that at a dinner party Baloney Bob pulled out his best bottle of wine - a red - and described how he loved the earthy bouquet. Of course, we were both half in the bag and I said "I don't think this is an earthy wine, Bob...". What a mistake!

It was hilarious. Bob is the kind of guy who likes to keep up with appearances. He perceives himself, semi-accurately, as a man of wealth and taste... so he pissily challenged me: "So, Filthie, you repulsive toad - would you care to critique my favourite wine and give me an expert's opinion...?" and the dinner guests chuckled and tittered at my expense. I didn't I took my time, smelled it, made a show of swishing it around...."Oak," I said. "Definitly no Flowers for sure, can't tell ya which ones because unlike you, Bob, flowers aren't my thing..."

Bob looked like he was gonna tar his shorts. Glaring at me, he passed the bottle of Campofiorin to Rotten Rob who read from the label out loud. "On the nose, Campofiorin evokes notes of oak and flowers with a hint of elderberries..." HAR HAR HAR!!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! Bob was furious, grabbed the bottle away from Rob, re-read the label, and shook his head in utter disgust - and then everyone was laughing. Getting the best of a would-be snob is always good sport! Tasting scotch and wine is incredibly similar - the procedure is, anyways. I can't do it anymore because I don't drink like I used to.

In the 60's Hollywood was producing a new breed of secret agents for the silver screen. James Bond, Agent 007 was the most famous, and the character "had a thing" for single malt scotch. Previous to that, most scotch sold were blends. Many people mistakenly think that single malts are better than blends but that is patently false. There are blends that can blow the doors off the best single malts - or so I am told - and I would believe it. In any event, you can thank James Bond for single handedly kicking off the single malt craze.

I grew bored with the effeminate single-malt-sipping James Bond years ago. When he went emo and started working for a woman I wrote him off for good! I was absolutely delighted to replace him with younger talent - Agent Sterling Archer!

Like scotch - Archer is an acquired taste. I was delighted to discover that
this ultra-suave secret agent drinks blended scotch!

In a 007 flick, the climax comes when the atomic bomb is ticking down to the last second, and Bond makes the miraculous stunt and saves the day. Archer is the complete anti-thesis of Bond - disarming the bomb is the least of the action - the comedy and humour comes from the characters who are constantly fighting and squabbling amongst themselves. In one episode, Archer beats up the company  comptroller, steals a bottle of Glengoolie out of his desk, guzzles it - and throws up in an office trash can. It's stupid to talk about but hilarious as hell on the screen.

The abusive, alcoholic, rage-filled Mallory Archer. An inspriration
to single mothers everywhere.
Gotta love a woman that will shoot her own
son with a Ruger Redhawk 44 magnum.
Up your arse, M!

I've never really made an effort at appreciating blended scotch - and perhaps these fictional celebrities might be on to something. If any of you can recommend a worthy spirit to start with - I would appreciate it.

Have a great Friday.

Head Games

So, the national sales manager was out this week. Our guy in Calgary lost his mother and had to go back to India to take care of the arrangements. The new guy was off sick. That left me alone with the man from Monday to Thursday.

The man is a clown - but not a good clown, more like those psychos that have been running amok in the big cities for gits and shiggles. The junior guys hate him. The new branch manager hates him. I hate him sometimes too but I can see the rock and the hard place he is caught between.

I managed to keep him diverted until about Wednesday and then he opened up on me. Everything I did was wrong. At first I got upset and would try to defend myself. He would just shout me down and bulldoze on with his bullshit as if I hadn't spoken. A couple of times I kept talking right back over him and refused to shut up the same way he did with me. Regardless, I was wrong, he was right! End of story!

After I had myself back under control I just started shrugging and saying 'Whatever...' in an indifferent tone to his hectoring and badgering. So he intensified his attacks.

"You know, Filtie, we hexpact ha certane amount huv overtime in dis job..." he said in heavily accented fwench-canukistani, "hand you would be much more successful if you put in another ten hours of work a week. Hafter work, you can do your call reports while you watch TV! Hiff you start at 7:00 in da morning...". I told him that if he was willing to pay for it I would consider it. He exploded, "I work lots of overtime all the time hand don't get paid for hit! My day doesn't start at 9:00 and end at 5:00!!! You know dis, you've called me haffter hours and blah blah blah". I didn't ask him how much he made or offer to compare pay stubs.

Then I took him into a couple very small customers and he pissed them off too - he commits the cardinal sin of the salesman - he won't shut his fuggin gob! I grit my teeth, zipped my lip and said nothing. I seriously considered leaving that idiot where he was, driving back to the office and throwing the keys to the truck at the manager and telling him and the company to FOAD!

All the way back to the office he reamed me out. At that point my body language said "Fuck you right back!" and I made sure he saw it. He seemed oblivious. "We'll meet tomorrow at 9:00 to discuss da new territory divisions and pay structure." Whatever. Sure. "Have a nice night JY, and go **** yourself!!!" That day was a bust.

I'd been fighting with JY for three months now. When our senior salesman quit to start a company that competed directly with us - I moved into his position and I had a lot of changes that were going to be made - or I was going to leave the company too. Of course, they had to be approved by management - which started with JY. We fought about several of them and I wasn't backing down on any of them. I fully expected the meeting to go like a bucket of the brown stuff, and that I would be tweaking my resume afterward.

The next morning the new guy deigned to come in and we had our meeting. JY was the picture of good humour and cooperation. "Bonjour gentlemen. Let's get dis show hon da road! Here is ow we'll break out da territories...." And he broke them out exactly the way I wanted them. The new commission structure was modified so that my new junior guy would make a bit more money (I would make a bit less but I don't care, I just want to build a team that works and the old structure favoured the senior guys who basically cherry-picked the more lucrative accounts. All the procedural changes I wanted were granted and a couple more reasonable ones were tacked on - I would have asked for them too but didn't want to push the management too far too fast.

I was dumbfounded.

"Keep hupp da good work gentlemen!" and with that and a few hand shakes all around we were dismissed and he trudged out the door!

The new guy smirked at me and said "I thought you said this guy was an ass hole...?"

Why would ya play somebody like that? I will sometimes tell very white lies to make business go smoother and I will play along with harmless head games to avoid hurting feelings or starting fights with people I like or need on my side. We all do - how many of you guys will actually say "No honey, that dress doesn't make you look fat - your fat ass makes you look fat!"? I have no problem with crap like that as long as it is good and nobody gets hurt. But this? What's the point?

I think he may have felt I was getting too big for my britches and wanted to put me in my place or something. If that's it - it didn't work. I've told JY before when he's threatened me with my job that we are all adults, any partnership we make has to be good for BOTH of us, and if we can't get along, I have options too - and it shuts him up because they have problems retaining the people that they want. I am in the fortunate position that they need me more than I need them. Sure - they could replace me, nobody is indispensable... but during a recession? It's a bad time to lose good people.

Hmpffff! Sometimes the good guys win, and so do the bad guys in spite of themselves.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Filthie Tactician

Fair warning: I am talking out of my arse here, so anything that follows is worth exactly what you paid for it.

Dunno if this GIF works or not...but:

Canadian Leopard 2 firing a DM12 Multi-Purpose Anti-Tank 120mm round in Afghanistan

I ask this in all seriousness: Can somebody tell me why are we still bothering with tanks? To quote Sterling Archer, "Hello! I'm Captain Yesteryear with a message from the past!!!"

That damned tank is a widow maker the same way a Light Horse Regiment would be on today's battlefield. The Chinks are selling rudimentary shoulder fired missiles that can put that obsolete armoured trash can out of commission faster than you can think about it, and even disable modern tanks. The Yanks, Euros and Soviets are selling more advanced weapons that will take out their own more advanced tanks should they fall into the wrong hands - as they inevitably seem to do.

About 5~7 years ago I was watching a documentary on drones. At that time they had autonomous drone programs that could successfully identify and engage enemy targets roughly 60% of the time. That is orders of magnitude beyond acceptable error for actual deployment... but the algorithms and sensors required for a fully autonomous drone will be coming out of the Skunk Works in very short order. Stuff as little as three years old is hopelessly obsolete today when it comes to microprocessor and firmware based weapon systems. Will western people stand for the idea of fully autonomous killing machines?

Prolly not...but they probably should. Friendly fire incidents are heart breakers but I can see the day when judgement calls like that are better off being made by machines than by humans. We are entering an age when the weapons of our fathers are unequal to the tasks that face us - never mind the weapons of our grandparents.

But whatever. I'm sure that between Murphy, Darwin, and the politicians - we can come up with new and exciting ways to kill us all I suppose.

The Tactical Reload

Seriously Bad Advice

Nobody wants to listen to your bullshit.

As somebody who has had to have a wonderful holiday dinner ruined by leftist meat holes more than once - all I can say to the usual suspects is - do yourself a favour and STFU.

My last Christmas with the inlaws several years back was an exercise in sheer self control. They are all liberals, self proclaimed intellectuals and posturing, virtue-signalling academics - and listening to those shit birds left me just wanting to leave the table. I seriously thought about putting down the knife and fork, leaving, and going home to make a decent sammich and cracking a beer just to get away from the stupidity. The only reason I didn't was that they were my wife's family and she loved them. As it was we finished with decorum and left as soon as possible and I vowed I would never be in the same room with those people again. Praise and thank God - I had managed to keep my own yap shut. To this day I wonder if I shouldn't have gotten up and left. They certainly weren't worth the courtesy and respect I gave them.

Regardless of your political opinions, talking about them at what is supposed to be a happy family gathering is as bad mannered as burping or farting at the dinner table. I no longer make any bones about it - I tell people that want to regale me with tales of social justice, or give me a friendly jab with some political punditry - that I'm not interested and please keep your politics to yourself, thank you very much. I don't use holidays to force my opinions on you - the least you can do is return the favour. Keep things light and about sports, the family or friends. Watch your booze intake, stay away from the people that tick you off - and best of luck to ya. Remember, you're there to be happy, not to debate or fight.

Happy Turkey Day to the Yanks!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Scenes We'd Like To See

WL is shooting up the neighbourhood, and it looks like he has a ripper of a read planned.

Check it out!

I used to be a voracious reader. Science fiction was my choice as a kid until the queers and commies took it over and every book became a lesson in Marxism and a social justice lecture. It started out slow too...maybe one book in four or five was like that. Then it was every second book... and soon you got three stinker books written for every decent one! I grew up at a time when guys like Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein were blowing minds with the genre and it was disappointing as hell to watch it devolve.

Then I discovered historical fiction but the same thing happened there: you'd be reading a novel with a scene where the Romans are gearing up to take on the Huns - and two of 'em would take the opportunity to slip into the bushes for some quick butt-blasting and fudge packing and the author would make sure ya got all the gory details.

For some reason, authors seem to think this kinda thing puts sizzle into their stories. When I see it I fall out of the storyteller's spell and pisses me off that I put money into some cretin's pocket to write this shit. That's just me, but I hope WL doesn't do that.

I used to be on Kobo until I found that all the e-books they had were pretty much stuff like that. It looks like you have better selection with Kindle and if I'm not mistaken - independent authors like WL are selling their stuff on Amazon. I dunno how Kindle works but it would be nice to have access to work that doesn't have to be approved by the liberal social justice crowd for publication. Hell, the idea of a couple black gang-bangers getting popped would probably give them kiniptions. They would probably crap their pants in rage if a guy like WL made it onto the best seller lists with something like that. Fact is - I can see a market for gritty, politically incorrect fiction.

Please keep us informed on your progress WL. If anyone needs me...I gotta figure out how Kindle works.

Will Donald Trump's Useful Fools Please Report To The Firing Squad?

Sounds like the Trumpster has disavowed the more nasty elements of the Alt-Right.

I read Vox Day on a regular basis. For the most part he's your typical pasty faced kid with an attitude that is popular with the usual cellar dwellers and millennial turd brains that have gotten mugged by reality and don't know what to do about yet. He's capable of spectacular social commentary on occasion and has driven Hillary Clinton and her sexually disturbed fans bonkers with his deplorable stance on race relations, political correctness and social justice.

I'm deplorable too. I don't think that a reasoned viewpoint can be negated by some screeching twat accusing you of racism/sexism/homophobia/etc. I think if we are going to start beating up people for racism - we can start quite nicely with the black community and be busy with that for the next 20 years. That black baboon in the Oval Office would be a good start. To me, respect is EARNED just as contempt is, and the fact that it offends you doesn't make you right. I'm smart enough to take minorities and women one at a time and give credit where credit is due. I think we need to control our borders and cut the cultural McCarthyism and cultural Marxism. We are going to have a civil/race war if this keeps up and at some point we need to sit down and hammer out a workable peace or there is going to be bloodshed.

Ol' Voxxy, though - hooo boy! That kid is a pistol. Put it this way - I wouldn't want him for a friend and certainly not an enemy. There is no question he's smart - but people with book smarts often find themselves short of street smarts. I dunno why that is - but that's the way of it with Vox. Vox and his fanboys thought that Trump was gonna ally with them and start making Murica great and white again - and that they would be at the front of the parade.

And of course, just as I predicted, Trump threw them under the bus as soon as the Alt Right outlived its usefulness. Vox is also a mouthy prick and his tribesmen have become a political liability. They were great as cannon fodder against Hillary and her lickspittles in the media...but beyond that they aren't much good to anyone. That's not to say Trump won't use them again if it becomes worthwhile - but he is going to play them the same way he's playing the Hildebeest

Trump is a money man. He has no attachment to ideologies or the idiots promoting them. He sees relationships in terms of investment and return. He has no investment in the Alt Right, and his only use for them is where their interests run parallel. To make America great again, Trump is going to need the Left on board. Most liberals are very well spoken, wealthy and capable. Their problem is that they live in a bubble and have weaponized willful ignorance as Jim says on his blog. All Trump needs to do is pop that bubble - and the Left will fall in line. He's already ahead on that - the media has been kicked to the curb and they can't dictate public opinion anymore. He is going to have to come to terms with the blacks. The niggers are going to have to go back to their slums and stay there for their own safety - and intelligent blacks will need to be cultivated to speak for the community rather than dullards like Obama and Sharpton.

The question Trump is going to have for his team and for America, going forward - is this: Do you have something to offer America? Is it something that will make a buck for us and benefit us? No?

You're FIRED!

Yoooooooooooouuuuuuu're Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired!!!!!

I would love to see Hillary carted off to prison along with her idiot of a husband. I would love to see a wall up to keep the beaners out. I would love to see the moslems loaded onto garbage scows and sent back to their home countries. I would like to see the Black Lives Matter folks on a chain gang picking up garbage beside the highway. But...there's more money in it for everyone to force these idiots to behave themselves and start doing something productive. Donald has to create conditions where people who are deliberately and intentionally stupid - like the negroes - they get punished and are forced to feel the consequences of their actions. If they do well they will need to see rewards for their work and effort. In a way - he needs to be a peace maker and a team builder. America has had its  affirmative action experiment with community organizers...and you can see the results.

Interesting (but better times, IMHO) are in the offing.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

No Offense Taken At All, Gigi!

We're all adults here, and if some bubble headed bleached blonde bimbo thinks  catty, bitchy slander is funny - in the real world, there's not harm in it.

It's like when those smirking ladies were ragging on The First Sasquatch and saying that it would be nice to have a sharp looking first lady for a change, rather than the ape in heels they've been putting up with, HAR HAR HAR!

Grrrrr! Why, if I weren't a happily married man I would have a shave, a shit
and a shower and clean myself up - and
proposition that chick on the right for a courtship!
In any comparison between Moochelle and the monkey - the monkey
would definitely get the worst of it.

Ooops... wait a minute... bad example, because that DID offend stupid people and the perps had to resign. Fortunately for Gigi - conservatives are made of better stuff.

Or maybe we're not!
Dirty Dave is going to have to learn to keep his rude jokes to himself. He sent
me this little treat on the e-mail.
Why, I'm so offended at this, words fail me!

I don't want to see any more of this inappropriate material from ANYONE. We are all about class and decorum here at the Thunderbox and I don't want people getting a bad impression of the owner and proprietor.

Tuesday Sea Gull Slam

Miami Dolphins: 1  Seattle Shit Hawk: 0
The Finals are in Coopville this year and this boy
looks like he's ready!
And that, kids, is how the All Stars pluck
bird game.


Ahhhh. To be young and foolish again...
Errr...maybe NOT that young and foolish though...
What I can't stand are those 'FAIL' videos that show people - usually kids - finding new and wonderful ways to hurt themselves. We're not talking funny shit where Wirecutter slips in the mud and does a face plant, or Uncle Bob falls down a short flight of stairs with an armful of pies. It's stuff like this - when Darwin and Murphy meet, shake hands with the victims - and send them on their way....and people get hurt bad.
I think it was on Spike TV or some damned thing - I was on the road and watching cable in a hotel room - and some kid did a totally rad jump on his dirt bike and had the helmet cam going. He goes straight up that hill at Warp 9, grabs some serious air...and comes down on a couple of teenaged girls who were walking through the field and weren't expecting a dirt bike to fall out of the sky.
This shit is funny? People get killed doing stuff like that. Who takes pleasure in watching that kind of thing?
As for me, I look at those kids in the pic, and I am gonna tell myself that it's fotoshopped and that's all there is too it. It makes my mightily squeamish to think there's kids dumb enough to actually do something like that for real.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Can We Please Stop Pretending...

...that these sexually disturbed nut bags are rational, responsible and productive adults? And can we please agree that said individuals have no business at all telling the rest of us what we can say or think?


Content redacted. These idiots make me crazy and a fella has no business taking stuff like this seriously. Now that I've finished foaming at the mouth and spraying the computer with spittle - I'll be alright!

Carry on everyone! Nothing to see here....

Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Deer Hunter

Now I've seen everything...

Machine Love

Awhile back I scratch built an RC multirotor model and just loved it. These things fly better than RC helicopters. Mine was festooned with those stupid little Disney Minion characters and I flew that thing in empty parks, ball diamonds and out in farmer's fields. One day I was aloft in winds I didn't have the skills to fly in, and the model was lost with all hands. Ya don't get attached to these things because they ALWAYS crash. Usually they die when you ask them to do stunts and maneuvers they aren't capable of. Unless you are an all- seeing oracle with exceptional maintenance abilities something or some component fails and kills the bird too.

Crapcopter I
Of course when the Crapcoter went down I was mildly amused to discover tat I was heart broken. I had had to learn a bunch of electronics and computer skills to get that POS to fly. I'll bet I sunk 40 hours and a couple hundred bucks into getting it off the ground. When it crashed in the bush and was lost I was bummed right out. It would be about 6 months before I got over it and built another one. This one is superior to the old one: the flight control computer is light years ahead of the old one, the electronic speed controllers are the size of my fingernail, and my battery is a massive 6400mAh unit that will keep me airborne for 10~12 minutes. The FPV cam is superior too. My new one is better in every way...but I still miss that junker in the pic. Gawd that thing was cool.
Let's up the game!
Last night we watched a documentary on the folks that put the probes 'Spirit' and 'Opportunity' rovers on Mars. The geeks, pencil heads, beardos and weirdos involved with the mission were all on and when they talked about their babies they became animated the same way people do when they talk about their pets or kids.
Why, aren't YOU just the cutest little bugger? Can he
do any tricks?
These rovers do nothing BUT tricks - some of which border on Black Magic. Consider:
- these babies operated on a planet 10 light minutes away! If he falls in a hole it will be 10 minutes before the geeks at mission control find out about it! Try driving when you have to react to obstructions and hazards ten minutes ahead of time!
- runs like a hot damn in temps that bounce around from about -17C ~ -150C. How in blazes do ya keep batteries running in that?
- just hitting the planet is like threading a needle from ten miles away. To put the rovers down safely in an alien environment under adverse conditions with a 10 minute time lage? Not only once... but twice?
- they were designed to go about 600m in that environment and maybe function for a couple months.
The interviewees of the documentary became animated and happy as they described how they and their bots met and overcame the challenges. As time went on, though, and the machine's performance slowly degraded - they became somber and morose. One day one of the probes got mired in sand and stuck. The other just kept going until one day - it didn't. The machines stopped talking to their humans back on earth and everyone was stuck with the same long face I had when my Crapcopter crashed, HAR HAR HAR!
Rousing himself from his memories, one of the mission directors grumped that he hoped nobody ever found these probes because - by today's standards - they're junk! And then the fellow was happy and chipper again, talking about the next probe, and the materials and technologies it would have.
The new Crapcopter has provisions for altitude and position hold, GPS guidance,
sonar assisted collision avoidance, autopilot/return to home features, on screen telemetry displays - and is essentially a child's toy. Making that stuff work takes an applied and
determined adult... for now.
Watching those geeks sweat bullets to make the bot execute a simple command made me realize something.... The game is always the same, whether it's here at Castello Di La Filthie or at the Jet Propulsion Labs in Pasadena.
And - the mission never ends.  ;)

Yep. That's It, Pretty Much...

I've been in more of these shit fights round the campfire, on the internet and out at the rod n' gun club. Which is best for deer? .30-06? .270? .243? .30-30? etc. etc etc. ad nauseum.

And every time they break out, everyone ends up covered in shit!

I have shot more soft targets than your average Navy SEAL. I've shot a few animals and seen a ton of them get shot with a bunch of different calibers. Ya can't kill 'em any deader than...DEAD! Use a good bullet. Chamber that in a good rifle. Put the bullet where it's supposed to go - and the freezer is full. Take stupid shots, or try to compensate for lack of ability with ballistics and firepower - and you have wounded game. With the herbivores it's a tragedy. With the carnivores it's a dangerous tragedy. With humans it often is a fatal tragedy.

I know what bullets do to bone and tissue. It isn't even an argument. At self defense ranges, the 9mm will do what the .45ACP/LC, the 10mm or any of the big magnums will do - it will RUIN a bad guys day and more likely end it. Permanently. The turd covered boys in the pic have it all right. The 9mm offers all those things and will still do what the others will do. The 9mm is a super starter gun and is a great gun for women and youngsters as well as grumpy old farts.

I had one decades ago... and then bought a .45 and never looked back. I've got four of them now. I reload, so it's cheap. Back in the day I was a decent shot so I didn't need the capacity. If I had to fight with a gun I suppose I could stoke that thing with premium bullets and hot loads and put a decisive end to any failed liberal social experiment that chose to trifle with me.

My reasons for going that route are pretty much bound up in tradition. I like guns with romance and nostalgia. That - and the slower .45's shoot cheap cast lead better than the fast 9mm's. But for you - the best gun for you is the one you have. If you're shooting paper targets - run it on patty-cake target loads and make sure you can use that thing right even when the chips are down. If you may have to stake your life on it or you're hunting - stoke that thing to the balls with the hottest, most accurate ammo you can buy or make. Verify it's performance on the range with a chronograph.

Anybody that looks down his nose at other shooters because of the caliber of their guns is an idiot - or he's a noob that hasn't been hit by enough shit yet.

Friday, 18 November 2016

The Value Of Trust

So the mainstream media is gazing deeply into its own collective navel, searching its collective soul and wondering how in blazes all their polls and pundits could have been so wrong about the last election.

Pull my other finger, guys. This introspection is a sham and a hoax, just like their political punditry and polls were. Those a-holes were lying and knew they were lying the second the words and polls tumbled from their word processors like turd from the arse! I've said it before and I'll say it again - the difference between socialists and fascists is purely conversational. If you look at your history books, they both have the same disregard for human rights, they both undermine the common man, they both employ scapegoats, useful fools for cannon fodder and betrayal as everyday operating procedure. If I were forced to make a distinction, I would say that fascism is more popular with the more intelligent human wretch than socialism is. I would rather face crony capitalists any day - if you're smart and lucky you can at least make a buck off them... but the socialists are far more likely to use you as cannon fodder for the fascists and vice versa.

In the run up to the election Trump and anyone that supported him were seen as fascist cannon fodder. Inevitably, some turd brained socialist media muppet would hop up on the soap box, strike a pose of historical authority, and quote Goebbles at the ignernt, eeeevil Trumpkins:

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come
to believe it.
And then those media assholes would start telling big lies, often - and no doubt more than a few came to believe their own bullshit the same way the Nazis and Communists did. I swear - that was the quote I saw any number of times and thought nothing of it. On impulse I decided to look into that a little deeper... and of course, you find the actual quote in Wikipedia. (I suppose I should be using Info Galactic because Wiki has been subverted by the forces of evil - I'm still debating that). In any event:
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
Emphasis in italics are mine. The media morons only read the first sentence of that one and figured they had Trump beat.
How many American families grit their teeth in suppressed rage as their kids in the military were passed over for promotion so that a less qualified queer, or a woman could be affirmative-actioned into that role? How many Americans got sick of hearing how white cops shot black criminals and got pilloried for it... while the blacks chimped out at various race riots? How many got quietly sick and tired of being called racists and such - while a blind eye was turned to black racism like the Knock Out Game and the Black Lives Matter morons?
We all know the media is corrupt but I'm not sure everyone knows how bad the problem actually is. What tipped that for me was the Michelle Fields hoax. Remember that? The fearless, strong female chick reporter that went to the Donald Trump political rally? The horror! She was accosted by Trump's goons - no doubt because she was a woman! Why - she was assaulted!!! Horrors! She was raped!!!!! She was MURDERED!!!!!!!
The story was in the press the next day it was on ALL the media wires. CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, all the papers, all the radio stations, and even beyond America: the CBC, CTV, and the BBC were up in arms HOWLING for Donald Trump's blood! But the verbage for the articles was almost always exactly the same.
And not ONE of those assholes did any fact checking or due diligence. Nary a one. What does that say about our media? What does that say about ourselves? How long have these vermin been manipulating us? Oh sure, we all know there was bias in the media...but this? You can't even try to pass that off as opinion, this is the stuff of propaganda, this is libel, this is manipulation. How dare they?
Of course we all know how that played out.
Public: Hey guys... we need to see the video! We can't put a stake through Trump's heart without video!!! You know - fair trials objectivity and all that?
Press: HE'S A MYSOGANIST! HIS GOONS ASSUALTED A WOMAN!!! But, there's no video.
Public: Errrr.....a political rally? In a room full of cameras??? NO video???
Public: Well sure, we're gonna hang him, hell's bells! But we NEED proof!!! Are ya sure there's no video? What about bruises? How bad did she get beat?!? We'll hang the bastard with that!!!
But by then the jig was up. We saw the bruise - Michelle got an 'owwie' that active people get all the time without noticing. In the pictures you could barely see the merest bruise. Then the shit hit the fan and the video DID come out: Trump's "goon"  security guard merely brushed against the lady in a media scum trying to get the crowd to step back so Trump could pass.
As I said, I can see one or maybe two rogue reporters possibly trying to pull a stunt like that to maybe save their jobs or get the big scoop even if it was phony... and maybe they might be flukey enough to bamboozle maybe one or two networks with quick trigger fingers and less-than-optimal fact checking and due diligence resources.
But all of them? HAR HAR HAR! Pull my other finger morons, it has bells on it! This IS  a conspiracy and no bones about it. Shoot - it's fuggin treason is what it is. They have freedom of speech - a commodity so precious that men have killed and died for it...and they do shit like this with that liberty? They  used to shoot people for stuff like that! For the record, if they had done this to Hillary, I would still have a hate on for them. I am a father, a husband, a son and a CITIZEN in good standing with my community. I am NOT a subject, and I will not be censored or lied to.
The old nickel goes 'Don't bullshit a bullshitter!' When you put on these phoney shows of apology and repentance and reconciliation with the public you 'let down'? Welp - I know who my enemies are and so do most Americans. You media slobs will keep your hands where I can see 'em or I will not be liable for your safety.
I will NEVER trust the media on ANYTHING ever again. Nor will I pay them to 'inform' me. I consider them a public enemy, a clear and present danger and when I see the newspapers and media franchises going out of business - I smile. The thought of them and their families going without makes me happy too. That, my friends, is social justice: you screw people over, you lie and cheat, you betray them - and you end up on your ass without a job or any friends. Justice is served, eat cat food you shits.
Journalists and editors might want to re-evaluate the worth of their reputations, their integrity and ambitions.
Good luck with that, guys.