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Sunday, 6 November 2016

A Cautionary Tale From The World's Smallest Hangar

There's a lot of misconceptions about hobby drones that we need to dispense with before we can talk about it intelligently. Otherwise we end up sounding like those elderly harridans that want to ban all guns as a way of 'dealing with crime'.

First, the vast majority of these are harmless toys. The optics are chit, so you don't have to worry about me flying up to the bathroom window to watch your wife butt-flossing with a towel after a shower and posting it on the internet. I don't personally know of any drones that have that level of altitude and position holding either. I know they are out there - but they cost thousands and thousands of dollars and usually the cops and military have them. Hollywood does too. Guys like me won't violate your privacy like that with what we have, I don't think we could even if we wanted to.

The hazard these things pose is from falling dead drones, or collision with general aviation aircraft.

This guy should be shot and pissed on.

People may laugh at us when we call ourselves real pilots but in a sense we very much are. A real pilot HAS to be aware of what is under him. If he loses his engine he is going down and one of the things they drill into all pilots is this: always be mindful of having a place to land in an emergency. It's not only for their own safety but for public safety too. We have to be equally mindful - our machines depend on components that are made in China. They DO crap out and when they do our drones fall. This drone in the vid would have killed someone, or totalled a car or damaged a house if it came down in the wrong place.

There is nothing to see at high altitude that you haven't seen before. There is a WORLD of fun at tree top level. Don't fly these things around people if you can avoid it. Fly like ya shoot: have fun, but show courtesy and respect too. It's a really stupid way to get hurt or hurt someone else.

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