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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Sick And Perverted Society

Right here, in my own province, where the loons are in charge of the asylum - and your kids.

Mainstreaming this filth and degeneracy in kids? My question is this: when does the shooting start? Can you imagine the moral and ethical worth of a person that even needs to ask a question like the one in that headline?

I will tell you what having your kid grow up with this social justice warrior bullshit will entail:

A. Your child will not grow up and will be lucky to achieve a maturity level of 13 or 14. Maybe less in some cases. They will require you to maintain their 'safe space' which will need to extend well into YOUR space. You will have to sacrifice your freedom of speech, thought, and religion because those things are offensive to degenerate marginal people. Eventually reality will intrude on these artificial safe places and the result will be catastrophic. These bratty, marginal people will blame YOU for not protecting them from reality or the consequences of their own actions. They will tell people that you traumatized them and brutalized them. They will believe it themselves and other stupid people will too.

B. It will probably break up your family. These sexual freak shows are not happy people, generally speaking. How could they be, living as they do? In spite of all the chattering, politically correct bobbleheads claiming the contrary - these folks tend to be sad and wretched people. This is just my observation, remember - but although faggots are boisterous and extroverted in appearance, many, if not most, have problems with depression and other mental problems. Lesbians are sullen and mean and they hate themselves most of all. They make no secret of it either.

C. Tolerance is not doing them any favours. The problems they have are internal, and there is nothing you can do to help a person going down this road. The queers I've met in the workplace generally don't last long, and tend to create far more problems than they solve.

I don't have problems with queers. In fact, although many would call me a homophobe and therefore worse than Hitler - I understand there are queers whose only issue in life is their sexuality. There are always exceptions to any generalization - but they are the exception. I don't think queers should be harassed or abused - but many of these people are doing serious hurt to themselves and their families and nobody wants to admit it. To knowingly send kids down this life path is an act of child abuse, if not criminal incompetence.

A note for you Yanks - this is what Hillary and her crowd want to bring into your lives, and that of your children. As the "beneficiary" of liberal social experiments on children - I am telling you that you really, really need to start looking at these people objectively and taking them seriously. They are taking YOU seriously, and they hate you and envy. They WILL turn your kids against you too.

As for me, I am stocking up on beer, ammo and popcorn.


  1. once again, you see this perversion comes from the top down, the courts order the schools, the schools order the children.
    i know homosexual men. those truly 'born that way' were troubled as children because they didn't know why they didn't fit the norm.
    those kids could use private conversation in order to set their minds at ease, but specifics about sexual practices are not appropriate.
    and neither are mixed group lessons ever appropriate as it breaks the natural modesty barriers which are safeguards.
    there should be no talk about specific sexual practices, but the education should be mostly understanding the entire anatomy, not just reproductive organs.
    also, public health issues should be taught, not just about sexual health, but all public health matters.
    it s amazing to me how kids spend 12 years in school and are so ignorant of disease avoidance, courtesy, first aid, and a host of other subjects necessary to living trouble free.
    12 years wasted, but they know sex behavior that might astonish the authors of the kama sutra.
    i home schooled mine. i would as soon trust a child to a school as would throw it into a sewer.
    i see mrs. ng saying a different program should be used--already she has given in to the idea that there should be such a program at all--round one to the perverters.
    a safe environment does not include sex instruction; it includes the control and punishment of bullies. that's all.
    bullies under control= no problems.
    the purpose of school is reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic. if they can manage to teach those subjects the students should be able to get through life in general.
    other people's sexual, political, religious, leanings are not any teacher's business.
    these are the concerns of the family and of the individual only.

  2. "These bratty, marginal people will blame YOU for not protecting them from reality or the consequences of their own actions."

    Funny you say this, Glen. Let me share a "millennial interaction" experience with you:

    As is my usual when parking the Jeep at work, I back into my space for “rapid egress,” if necessary. Driving down the row to my usual parking spot, I was being followed very closely by another car. I pulled forward and stopped, knowing EXACTLY what was going to happen next. Sure enough, the car buzzed behind me and went on to park further down the row. I parked the Jeep and was locking it when this millennial broad walks by and says, bitch-style, “I didn’t know you were turning.” I replied with “You’re lucky I was looking,” to which she replied “I didn’t know you were turning; your backup lights weren’t on. Of course, dingbat; a stick shift needs to be at pretty much a dead stop before it can go into reverse. You didn’t give me enough time to do stop. She walked off, repeating, bitch-style, “I didn’t know you were turning.” This is the millennial way; “I didn’t do anything wrong. You did something wrong to make me do what I did.”

    This is not going to end well.

    God help us all!

  3. Yep. They live on another planet. That little bitch of yours Pete - is light years ahead of the ones we have here. They don't want homes, most of them don't drive or want to, and they float from one job to the next and never get anywhere in life. The idea of marriage and a family is beyond most of them.

    Deb is right: if schools went back to teaching rather than indoctrinating - these kids could have futures rather than being derelicts.

  4. Teaching is contradictory to the socialist plan. They feel that they must destroy everything good, before their evil will be fully accepted, and they're probably right.