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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Aeroflot Canukistan Strikes Again

No, it's not an impromptu wildcat strike that they have a predilection for. This is why you fly WestJet in Canada. These Air Canada assholes are rotten from the ground up and no bones about it.

Do you Yanks wear poppies on Remembrance Day? I try to but the damned things come with utterly stupid pins and I always lose them. This year I got smart - and had the wife safety pin it to my Carhartt work vest. It's been there for a week and it's still there.

I am going to say Merry Christmas, and if somebody wants to pray in my presence I am just peachy with it - might even join him if I'm so inclined. I'm gonna wear a poppy too, on the job and off. If that offends some mealy mouthed corporate weasel, or some coloured vibrant baboon from the third world - I'm just peachy with that too.

Wear it. That's an order.
Making your poppies retard-proof.
The Usual Suspects are advised in advance to get help
from a responsible adult.


  1. Some people down here like their poppies processed in such a way as to bend their minds. I'll just wear mine, and remember, thenkyouverymuch.

    Your poppies look to be better-made than ours. Ours are these flimsy paper things handed out by the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and the American Legion. From the looks of them, they're only supposed to last the duration of the parade. Mine usually gets added hang time by being tucked behind the Stars & Stripes tacked to my office wall.

    I'll be saying Merry Christmas and God bless as well, Glen. The people who don't like it can suck myyyy... poppy...

  2. Ours are cheap plastic, Pete. If I get a week out of one I'm doing good...

    As for Christmas...humbug! I ain't ready to think of that yet.