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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Another Sacrificial Offering To St. Pancake

A hundred years ago I was accosted in the office by one of my fellow drones and asked 'Hey Filthie - didjya hear about that chick that got run over by the D9 in Palestine?

Having worked around and befriended a lot of unsavoury and deplorable people in my life I had to stop and think: A D9 in Palestine? It rhymes... how much do ya wanna bet the punchline to this obviously idiotic joke rhymes too? So, 'No,' I said, 'What happened?'

'She's deader n' a door nail ya fuggin putz!' I didn't get it. Later on at lunch time I got the whole story: some clot headed cankle named Rachael Cory went to the middle east to protest Israeli cruelty to the Palistinkians and was chanting and screeching in a terrorist stronghold that the eeeevil joooooos had over run and were bulldozing.  The cunned stunt was following a D9 Cat around and trying to heckle the operator and be a nuisance. Welp - the operator paid no heed, somehow Rachael got behind the machine and got her foot stuck - and when the Cat started backing up and the operator couldn't see her - all Rachel could do was play the part of the packet of ketchup being jumped on by the kid! HAR HAR HAR!!!

The liberal lefties on the forum I was at lost their chit! "How can you laugh at something like this, you lout???" they screamed! HAR HAR HAR! All I could do was laugh louder. The thought of some leftie howler monkey getting run down by one of these still makes me chuckle a bit.

I know, alright??? It's a horrific way to die, and a tragic
way for a youth to lose her life.
But jeez Louise - what kind of idiot plays around a machine like this?
And how fast do they go? 3 MPH?
I could outrun that thing with my gimp leg! Seriously!!!

I know I am a shit for laughing. I know people have the right to protest. I know the pain her parents must have felt. (They were a piece of work too: she looked like the classical liberal harridan and he looked like he was related to Lenin). They were academics and academic life means you embrace student protest, I guess. Dammit - I'm smirking! Cut it out, Filthie!!!

And yet - these people get in the middle of other people's fights and then whine when they get hurt. If you are going to do that, and choose sides and start throwing shots - well, you are at the mercy of your enemies and fate. As rational adults we know we can choose our actions but not always the consequences. I'm having a tough time smirking at this one:

An ADULT decided to play on the freeway - and I am supposed to feel sorry
for her? What was this idiot protesting?


And - these tools vote!

I must be getting old because I couldn't summon a smirk or a sneer for this kid. Perhaps an annoying sense of empathy for the parents is getting the best of me - can you imagine YOUR kid starring in that vid? You would be torn between shame, rage, and grief! Obviously these kids aren't being raised right or educated properly.

If I were to try and console Hillary on her loss, I would say that if your followers are this damned stupid - maybe it's better for everyone that you lost!


  1. I guess that kid got "educated" the school of hard knocks. She also looks to have almost been "deportated" to the hereafter.

    I don't wish this kind of thing on anyone, but there are an increasing number of dingbats who seem to be wishing it on themselves... The Darwin Award applies here...

    Meanwhile; Rome burns... and Obama vacations... I guess, as usual, he'll "hear about it on the news..."

  2. They can't cross (or block) a street unaided, yet they think they should run the country.

  3. Not a bad post. Carry on......

  4. Bulldozers should roll when these idiots block the roads. They just have to learn the hard way that choices, good or bad, always have consequences.

  5. There was a similar incident over 50 years ago in, I think, India. Protestors threw themselves down in front of the bulldozer to stop the construction, then some genius threw himself down in back of the 'dozer and, well, the rest is history. I remember my father reading the story to me and saying he didn't blame the driver a bit - how was he supposed to know the guy was back there?

    In this case I'm not even sure the driver would be able to hear the future fertilizer yelling and screaming, nor would there be a bump in the road as he was driving. Likely someone in front of the driver signaled him, and the rest is clean up time.

    No, we shouldn't find this funny, but I see a certain humor in it. I don't quite know why - probably because I'm a Trump deplorable, and proud of it.