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Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Ahhhh. To be young and foolish again...
Errr...maybe NOT that young and foolish though...
What I can't stand are those 'FAIL' videos that show people - usually kids - finding new and wonderful ways to hurt themselves. We're not talking funny shit where Wirecutter slips in the mud and does a face plant, or Uncle Bob falls down a short flight of stairs with an armful of pies. It's stuff like this - when Darwin and Murphy meet, shake hands with the victims - and send them on their way....and people get hurt bad.
I think it was on Spike TV or some damned thing - I was on the road and watching cable in a hotel room - and some kid did a totally rad jump on his dirt bike and had the helmet cam going. He goes straight up that hill at Warp 9, grabs some serious air...and comes down on a couple of teenaged girls who were walking through the field and weren't expecting a dirt bike to fall out of the sky.
This shit is funny? People get killed doing stuff like that. Who takes pleasure in watching that kind of thing?
As for me, I look at those kids in the pic, and I am gonna tell myself that it's fotoshopped and that's all there is too it. It makes my mightily squeamish to think there's kids dumb enough to actually do something like that for real.


  1. You notice that the brave young gentleman put the GIRL on the outside.

  2. Look at the picture, and imagine the mechanics of these two actually trying to get back through that window. Given her position, he's the counterpoise that keeps her from "going down." This was either a photoshop, or these two became road pizza soon after the photo was taken!

    Stupid thing is, some pair(s) of mental midgets will see this picture and try it themselves...