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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Eichst Der Reichst Ze Vargenzeenhooven

Fascism is no doubt alive and well. I know that the self proclaimed intellectuals would have a hissy fit to hear me say this but I don' care - the difference between a capitalist, a socialist and a fascist is purely conversational when it comes to mistreating your fellow man. Today fascism is pretty much illegal and prosecuted in our schools - yet every second teacher is a socialist that is cranking out more leftist morons every year - despite the fact that socialists run a record on human rights abuses that make the fascists look tame.
Socialists hate fascists the most and I think the reason for that is that they are both so much alike. It doesn't make sense to me either - it seems that without constraint, socialists devolve into fascists given enough time. What is political correctness but fascism? Feminists blame white men for all their problems the way Hitler blamed the jews. And speaking of Joos - there is a rising tide of anti-Semitism rising here and in the states that I don't like one bit. The Usual Suspects will keep their hands where I can see 'em or they're liable to get shot. No, I'm not a joo, and yes, I know a lot of 'em are leftist meat holes that aren't worth a hill of beans - but you will leave them in peace unless they raise a hand against you and that's all I'll say about that. A lot of them are good folks too.
I'm gonna make a big deposit in the Thunderbox and go political one last time before you Yanks have your election.
Your vote is not only your own. It's your kids' vote too. They will be living with the consequences of your actions. Leaving aside the endless scandals, the corruption and FBI investigations, Hillary Clinton is consumed with identity politics and what's good for the children of her various politicially correct victim groups. She has absolutely no problem selling the futures of your kids to finance the futures of theirs - and she isn't shy about taking her cut either. Donald Trump is the only guy in the last couple decades that will even talk about the real problems facing America. It isn't racism, sexism and homophobia. It's out of control spending, out of control immigration, bad trade deals, a rotting military and a stagnant economy. Trump is abrasive bellicose. Clinton tells pretty lies. She's proven beyond a doubt she can't be trusted with sensitive classified information or money. The only reason a sane man or woman would vote for her is for short term profit or personal gain... but that comes at a cost. The smart American is looking around at all the factories closing and jobs going off shore and asking how long till he loses his job. Most of Hillary's people aren't smart enough to ask the right questions, or are situated and positioned so that they don't have to. What about YOUR kids? What about your jobs?
At the rate things are going they will not have the social programs you take for granted today. Our national debts are such that our grand children will be bankrupted by them if we don't act now. Kids have stopped driving or marrying because they have no future and can't afford families. Hillary thinks you're deplorable and wants to bring in more moslems Syrians. Shut up, you deplorable racist!
For your kids, this election is a no-brainer. Unfortunately a growing number of parents have no brains and probably shouldn't be having kids to begin with.
Good luck, Yanks, and Godspeed.

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