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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Errrr...Whose, History, Exactly

An interesting historical read is in the offing at Men Of The West.

Mr. Stang thinks much as I do - I have spent the majority of my life as an ahistorical  chucklehead. Recenty I have become a fan of historic fiction and then went on to become a fan of non-fiction too. The siege of Malta is no doubt riddled with bravery, self sacrifice, and courage.

I may get egged for it - and I say this as a noob on historical affairs: I think Mr. Stang may be lacking some context with this. Every civilization from moslems to mongols have had battles like this where victory was won at impossible odds. Maybe God intervened in that battle against the mudflap because the heroes were pious and just - or maybe they won because they got incredibly lucky, and incredibly vicious? In all such battles, this is how men fight when they are cornered.

I know it's fashionable to say all war is uncivilised but it most certainly isn't. That kind of thinking is for Jay Leno and his giggling chucklehead interviewees, and turd brained Hollywood peaceniks like Alan Alda. (M*A*S*H reruns make me want to vomit). This battle illustrates the need to take prisoners and treat them well whenever possible. Another thing peaceniks and pacifists like to say is that 'there is no such thing as 'good guys' and 'bad guys'. (Uncle Bob! Call holding on line 2!)

I say there is - and you can tell who the good guys are by the way they treat their prisoners. The media is very careful to whitewash Islam - I recently saw an article where those ISIS pukes were beheading toddlers. And yes - there were pics. They weren't photo shopped, and it wasn't propaganda. We have absolutely no business apologising to the Japs or the moslems. (I never understood that. We apologized to the Japs and our leaders fall over themselves to fellate the moslems - but we never have apologized to Germany. Whatever)

We all know that ya never believe everything ya read. We know it in our guts as well as our heads - one trip through the New York Times or the Globe & Mail or even The National Post is enough to tell you that journalism is dead. Equally important though - is what you don't read - or the invisible stuff written between the lines despite the author's best efforts. 

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