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Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Somebody give the widdle snowflakes a lollipop... and don't even THINK
of moving to Canada, you little shits!
We're gonna build a wall, and America is gonna pay for it, HAR HAR HAR!!! We have enough home-grown lefty weirdoes without taking your Hollywood trash!!!
Hoooooooo boy! Leftwing heads are exploding like popcorn up here in Canada. I've never seen the liberal shitbirds on the CBC so depressed! This is a great day for anyone with an IQ above freezing.  I like the reactions I am seeing from the good guys too: "Now we gotta see if Trump lives up to the hype..." and "Now we gotta get busy fixing all the damage..." Optimism and pragmatism is in the air - and it looks good on you, America.
Hindsight is always 20/20, so let's look at the election while it's still fresh in our minds, and look at why it turned out the way it did:
The donks ran Hillary Clinton. Incompetent, pathological liar, connected to serial rapists, pedophiles and other sexual deviants, supporter of victim and identity politics. Classical political Liberals come to power by dividing and conquering but eventually they divide people so much, that they end up with nobody on their side and THEY get conquered as they did last night. At the end of the day, Hillary Clinton is a shitty, awful old woman and to be honest, when she dies America will be a better place. It's a rotten thing to say - but it goes for all those establishment hacks that have been selling out your nation for decades. Things can't keep going like that.
Donald Trump is a shitty person too. That's the reason he won. If conservative America had sent a classical conservative gentleman like Mitt or Cruz up against the liberal machine - they would have been torn to shreds and they would have lost like gentlemen. Our conservative ladies are no better - they live in fear of being called 'racist' or 'homophobic' or 'fascist' and the liberals know that and use that against them. We don't like seeing people victimized and we sure as hell wouldn't participate in it. When they accuse us of these dastardly things, we are strongly tempted to fall over ourselves to make them feel better and we are manipulated into going along with stuff we shouldn't. Vote for Obama or you're a racist. Support Obamacare or you're a racist. Promote unqualified blacks/queers/women in your organization or you're a bigot/homophobe/misogynist. This time it was 'Vote for Hillary or you're a sexist. AND a fascist/racist hater'.
We live in the age of the crybully - or, at least we did... and I'm hoping that ass hattery is over now. Megan Kelly IS a bimbo. Hillary Clinton SHOULD be in jail. And the media? They are a shit stain on the American political landscape. They could have promoted truth and free speech but willingly and deliberately chose to lie and push propaganda. Welcome to obscurity and irrelevance you assholes - you earned it.
The lesson you need to learn in all this is that the people arrayed against us are not nice people for the most part. Most of them are deceitful, manipulative, and utterly without morals and ethics. They are a product of three generations of the Marxist agenda. Most are not all that bright either. This election wasn't about you against them, it was about you getting the gov't you deserve...or them getting theirs.
The time for being ladylike and gentlemanly is OVER. It's time to shame people that are intentionally deceitful, or staggeringly stupid, or selfish and short sighted. These kids in the pic? The correct response to them is - 'if ya need some assistance with that suicide, I'll be happy to help! Got the .45 right here! Where do ya want it? In the pan, or in the chest?" Can you imagine? These little turds tying up a suicide prevention line because of stuff like this? Get off the damned phone, losers! In my family my mother has always openly mocked me for my politics and has called me a redneck and other names because I am conservative all the way through. Last spring she was going to open up with her bullshit over coffee and for the first time in my life I told that old bitch to stifle her politics in my house - and she was shocked into silence. When my in laws tried to force the progressive agenda into my household our family broke and I made it plain to them that they were the ones that broke it. If they want to get stupid about it, violence is all that is left. Make your mistake, folks, my line is right here, you'll go this far and no further.
I know what it's like to be at that crossroad and wondering which way to go. Doing what's right is often painful and difficult. The problem with liberals and democrats is that they always do what's best for themselves rather than what's best for their families, communities and nation. We've let them get away with that in both Canada and the US because we don't want to offend them or hurt their feelings. The problem is that now they are not only hurting us, they are hurting themselves and are too damned stupid and childish to see it. At some point we have to look after ourselves too.
Other than that, nothing changes. Keep prepping, be there for your family and neighbours and surround yourself with those that will be there for you. Congratulations on your election and Godspeed.


  1. lol - Well, I don't think Trump is quit as shitty as you do, but by-and-large, you've pretty well hit the nail squarely on the head.

    1. Well, Gorges - put it this way: Get in Trump's way. Treat him like chit.

      And observe what happens to ya! :) He is not a gentleman, he is a business man. He has some very tough, very unpopular decisions to make too.

  2. It takes a street fighter to bitch slap the leftists and not apologize. Let's hope all the special snowflakes and SJWs melt away. We needed a Rambo....not a girlyman.

  3. WHooooooo-eeeee! That was a well-worded mouthful, Glen! When I went to sleep last night, things looked good. I saw the headline this morning and, well, hot coffee hurts when it comes shooting out through your nose!... especially one the size of mine!

    I was going to feel sorry for you folks up in the Great White North, what; with all the celebrities and pajama people wanting to make good on their threats to "...move to Canada if Trump is elected," but then thought better of it. These people are making WAY too much off the rest of us to want to start over somewhere else! They're not going anywhere... There really should be a place for people like this, who desecrate the flag and bitch about how bad they have it here... Mars, maybe?

    As for Hillary and Obama; good riddance to both of them! They can spend the rest of their lives hiding behind each others' legs!

    Indeed; keep prepping. Trump is a symptom of something much larger. The American people have stated "We're so pissed that we're willing to pull the pin and see what happens next, than to allow things to keep going as they've been!" This could be really good, or really bad. It's like one of Murphy's laws: "If it jams, force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway!


  4. Great post, Glen. And so true. America has finally grown a pair and started on the road to recoup what was lost. We'll never be quite the same again, though. But we'll be smarter. And louder. And more vigilant.

  5. Wow Glen, that was really well said. (Or written perhaps) Thanks.

  6. Well that was nice of y'all to say so!

    As always, everyone - thanks for stopping by!

  7. Now to elect a true take no prisoners Conservative in Canada.