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Friday, 25 November 2016

Head Games

So, the national sales manager was out this week. Our guy in Calgary lost his mother and had to go back to India to take care of the arrangements. The new guy was off sick. That left me alone with the man from Monday to Thursday.

The man is a clown - but not a good clown, more like those psychos that have been running amok in the big cities for gits and shiggles. The junior guys hate him. The new branch manager hates him. I hate him sometimes too but I can see the rock and the hard place he is caught between.

I managed to keep him diverted until about Wednesday and then he opened up on me. Everything I did was wrong. At first I got upset and would try to defend myself. He would just shout me down and bulldoze on with his bullshit as if I hadn't spoken. A couple of times I kept talking right back over him and refused to shut up the same way he did with me. Regardless, I was wrong, he was right! End of story!

After I had myself back under control I just started shrugging and saying 'Whatever...' in an indifferent tone to his hectoring and badgering. So he intensified his attacks.

"You know, Filtie, we hexpact ha certane amount huv overtime in dis job..." he said in heavily accented fwench-canukistani, "hand you would be much more successful if you put in another ten hours of work a week. Hafter work, you can do your call reports while you watch TV! Hiff you start at 7:00 in da morning...". I told him that if he was willing to pay for it I would consider it. He exploded, "I work lots of overtime all the time hand don't get paid for hit! My day doesn't start at 9:00 and end at 5:00!!! You know dis, you've called me haffter hours and blah blah blah". I didn't ask him how much he made or offer to compare pay stubs.

Then I took him into a couple very small customers and he pissed them off too - he commits the cardinal sin of the salesman - he won't shut his fuggin gob! I grit my teeth, zipped my lip and said nothing. I seriously considered leaving that idiot where he was, driving back to the office and throwing the keys to the truck at the manager and telling him and the company to FOAD!

All the way back to the office he reamed me out. At that point my body language said "Fuck you right back!" and I made sure he saw it. He seemed oblivious. "We'll meet tomorrow at 9:00 to discuss da new territory divisions and pay structure." Whatever. Sure. "Have a nice night JY, and go **** yourself!!!" That day was a bust.

I'd been fighting with JY for three months now. When our senior salesman quit to start a company that competed directly with us - I moved into his position and I had a lot of changes that were going to be made - or I was going to leave the company too. Of course, they had to be approved by management - which started with JY. We fought about several of them and I wasn't backing down on any of them. I fully expected the meeting to go like a bucket of the brown stuff, and that I would be tweaking my resume afterward.

The next morning the new guy deigned to come in and we had our meeting. JY was the picture of good humour and cooperation. "Bonjour gentlemen. Let's get dis show hon da road! Here is ow we'll break out da territories...." And he broke them out exactly the way I wanted them. The new commission structure was modified so that my new junior guy would make a bit more money (I would make a bit less but I don't care, I just want to build a team that works and the old structure favoured the senior guys who basically cherry-picked the more lucrative accounts. All the procedural changes I wanted were granted and a couple more reasonable ones were tacked on - I would have asked for them too but didn't want to push the management too far too fast.

I was dumbfounded.

"Keep hupp da good work gentlemen!" and with that and a few hand shakes all around we were dismissed and he trudged out the door!

The new guy smirked at me and said "I thought you said this guy was an ass hole...?"

Why would ya play somebody like that? I will sometimes tell very white lies to make business go smoother and I will play along with harmless head games to avoid hurting feelings or starting fights with people I like or need on my side. We all do - how many of you guys will actually say "No honey, that dress doesn't make you look fat - your fat ass makes you look fat!"? I have no problem with crap like that as long as it is good and nobody gets hurt. But this? What's the point?

I think he may have felt I was getting too big for my britches and wanted to put me in my place or something. If that's it - it didn't work. I've told JY before when he's threatened me with my job that we are all adults, any partnership we make has to be good for BOTH of us, and if we can't get along, I have options too - and it shuts him up because they have problems retaining the people that they want. I am in the fortunate position that they need me more than I need them. Sure - they could replace me, nobody is indispensable... but during a recession? It's a bad time to lose good people.

Hmpffff! Sometimes the good guys win, and so do the bad guys in spite of themselves.


  1. I assume that you really have no place better to go, or you'd be there. Sometimes, though, the pay gets less important as the crap gets deeper. Whatever is best for you will eventually make itself apparent.

    1. I could be outta there with a phone call Gorges.

      The problem is that you can jump out of the frying pan and land in the fire... I've done it, and I don't want to do it again.

      Employers whine about applicants lying on their resumes...but the fact is those buggers will lie to get a hire they want too. The job they offer you is not the job you get and for some reason they think you will stay and put up with it.

      The question isn't one of having a place to go... it's more like 'do I really want to go there...?'