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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Let Me Fix That Headline For Ya

 Should read: We Are All Racists Now
How do all you lefty f-knuckles like THAT?

The media up here in Canukistan is going into fits. The fags at the CBC are pissing and moaning because they don't control public opinion anymore. They were screeching about a "weaponized social media" the other day and it was music to my ears! "Why, huff, puff....!!! ANYONE can control the narrative now!!!!"  It's either that or they are griping about the 'stunning election upset'. They live in a socialist stupidity chamber and they believe their own BS. Bums like Uncle Bob and Neil over at Golden Geese were predicting a Trump win back in the summer! I had thought this might cause a few editors to sit back, think about their companies and their futures - and maybe cause them to re-evaluate the way they do their jobs.

Silly me.

The political left is still calling us names, spraying spittle and invective and wondering how the rest of us could be so mean as to not think the way they tell us to. They just don't get it. Newsflash: Angela Merkel is going to get kicked to the curb in Germany's next election the same way Cankles Clinton was! You heard it here first!

I remember a liberal dominated political forum I got kicked off of - for saying that that sawed off prick - Hugo Chavez - was going to run Venezuela into the dirt. I was told I was being uncivil and intentionally ignorant and I got the punt. And of course today in Venezuela, you can get your thoat cut for a loaf of bread. Of course, those tards are sitting around today scratching their heads wondering how it happened.

Today at the tire shop I was just shocked when I picked up the daily fishwrap. In it's day, The Edmonton Journal (or, The Aaaaadmontin Urinal as I like to call it) was our city's premiere newspaper. I used to deliver those suckers as a kid and usually they were at least a half inch thick and sometimes 3/4". But today, it's a skinny little tabloid rag. I skimmed the major headlines (Didjya Hear??? Trump Sucks!!!) - and threw it back on the coffee table in disgust and dug out my phone.

I have to say I am not going to miss the mainstream media at all...


  1. You won't miss 'em long. I hear all of those pussy-farters are going to work for Faceplant... er... BOOK, or Wikipeedonya... They'll surface like lifeboat turds prior to the next election, saying they've got it right this time...

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  3. I have no idea what a Trump administration means for the U.S. in the long run. For the moment though, it's just good to see the MSM types rolling on the ground like dogs who found a skunk the hard way, and have no idea how to get that smell off!

  4. I think he's gonna be good Pete. He's the only one asking the right questions and talking about the real problems.

  5. NWO lovers are just spastic. The bottom line is that it really isn't any other country's business who we elect, any more than it our business who THEY elect. But liberals think they should have the right to control EVERYBODY.

  6. We're in for a bumpy and scary ride, but oh, what fun it's gonna be!