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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

No Offense Taken At All, Gigi!

We're all adults here, and if some bubble headed bleached blonde bimbo thinks  catty, bitchy slander is funny - in the real world, there's not harm in it.

It's like when those smirking ladies were ragging on The First Sasquatch and saying that it would be nice to have a sharp looking first lady for a change, rather than the ape in heels they've been putting up with, HAR HAR HAR!

Grrrrr! Why, if I weren't a happily married man I would have a shave, a shit
and a shower and clean myself up - and
proposition that chick on the right for a courtship!
In any comparison between Moochelle and the monkey - the monkey
would definitely get the worst of it.

Ooops... wait a minute... bad example, because that DID offend stupid people and the perps had to resign. Fortunately for Gigi - conservatives are made of better stuff.

Or maybe we're not!
Dirty Dave is going to have to learn to keep his rude jokes to himself. He sent
me this little treat on the e-mail.
Why, I'm so offended at this, words fail me!

I don't want to see any more of this inappropriate material from ANYONE. We are all about class and decorum here at the Thunderbox and I don't want people getting a bad impression of the owner and proprietor.

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  1. The girl must be a liberal; I don't recall any conservative girls accusing the Donald of inappropriate behavior. (I wonder how he knew?) - lol