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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Old School Cool

I dunno what this thing is but I want it!!!
I hate and despise chain drive though and will never suffer that means of locomotion again. When I was a kid I was forever replacing stretched chains and worn sprockets. The fuggin things were expensive and a bloody pain. It sucked on a motorcycle, and can imagine its benefits on a car.
My next murdercycle had a shaft drive - and Lord, nothing, and I mean NOTHING - beats shaft drive. YOU will die before the shaft driven motorcycle does. I greased mine once and only as a formality in all the time I owned it.
My latest ride is a 1700cc Kawi with belt drive. I've had no problems with it but the bike only has about 12,000 clicks on it so it's still virtually new.
I don't think it would be a big trick to convert that car to belt drive... but all that is picking the pepper out of the fly chit. Nothing beats wheels with wooden spokes either...