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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Retard School Field Trip - The Petting Zoo

What in hell is CW playing with there? Isn't  that one
of those sea monsters that can take a man's arm off for a nice
light snack?

Ugh. I ain't feeling that good today. Yesterday Uncle Bob loaded up the short bus and all us kids went out to the Coopville Petting Zoo. It was a charity effort set up especially for us special kids. I kinda thought there would be chickens and rabbits and baby lambs and goats.

I went in the swimming pool and didn't get to pet the friendly eel that CW was playing with - I ran into the electric eel and they fished me out with a gaff hook. Quatermain isn't looking that good either, the scorpions did a real number on him. Apparently they don't like to be petted. Who knew? WL is still in the clinic getting the porcupine quills pulled out. Wirecutter got in supreme shit when he ate the zoo's only rattle snake.

But we'll all just shake it off and power through it like Hillary Clinton did with her pneumonia! A perfectly good Tuesday awaits!  Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm gonna faint, fall down the stairs and chit my pants...

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