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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Scenes We'd Like To See

WL is shooting up the neighbourhood, and it looks like he has a ripper of a read planned.

Check it out!

I used to be a voracious reader. Science fiction was my choice as a kid until the queers and commies took it over and every book became a lesson in Marxism and a social justice lecture. It started out slow too...maybe one book in four or five was like that. Then it was every second book... and soon you got three stinker books written for every decent one! I grew up at a time when guys like Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein were blowing minds with the genre and it was disappointing as hell to watch it devolve.

Then I discovered historical fiction but the same thing happened there: you'd be reading a novel with a scene where the Romans are gearing up to take on the Huns - and two of 'em would take the opportunity to slip into the bushes for some quick butt-blasting and fudge packing and the author would make sure ya got all the gory details.

For some reason, authors seem to think this kinda thing puts sizzle into their stories. When I see it I fall out of the storyteller's spell and pisses me off that I put money into some cretin's pocket to write this shit. That's just me, but I hope WL doesn't do that.

I used to be on Kobo until I found that all the e-books they had were pretty much stuff like that. It looks like you have better selection with Kindle and if I'm not mistaken - independent authors like WL are selling their stuff on Amazon. I dunno how Kindle works but it would be nice to have access to work that doesn't have to be approved by the liberal social justice crowd for publication. Hell, the idea of a couple black gang-bangers getting popped would probably give them kiniptions. They would probably crap their pants in rage if a guy like WL made it onto the best seller lists with something like that. Fact is - I can see a market for gritty, politically incorrect fiction.

Please keep us informed on your progress WL. If anyone needs me...I gotta figure out how Kindle works.


  1. At one time I read just about everything Heinlein had in print. I could never get through "Stranger in a Strange Land". I loved just about everything else.

    1. He had a couple stinkers I think, BW. I grew up on the young adult stuff he wrote and it made for some great entertainment.

      I'd have reservations about my kid reading some of that dreck out there now, though...